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Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, which became widely known after investigations linked with the supply of the US and Saudi Arabia of weapons to terrorists in Syria was fired from the newspaper “Trud” on the eve of another trip to Syria, where she was supposed to continue her research.,
Also she was summoned to the local security services to find out how she got the documents, which clearly indicate that NATO countries provide weapons to international terrorists. In addition to this, she was sent to the Prosecutor’s request on the theme the source of the documents. Especially a lot of fuss about its publication Azeri airline silk way that was actively used by the CIA and the defense Ministry Saudi Arabia to organize the logistics of arms deliveries through Bulgaria. Received widespread publicity and other materials associated with the investigation of Gitanjali that shed light on the question of where the terrorists took the weapon.

1. Balkan px for the Middle East –

2. Bulgarian weapons in the Syrian war

3. Bulgarian weapons fall to the terrorists in Syria

Apparently, the story of the “Silk road” was the last straw and assertive journalist decided to cover, because with each new investigation, the texture became more lethal – even ordinary townsfolk, it was obvious that the weapon fell to the militants not by chance and not by mistake, but the result of a complex of events organized by intelligence agencies and private contractors for the delivery of weapons to the final recipient in Syria through several state and non-state intermediaries, which were to hide the participation of NATO countries in support of terrorism.

The current attempt to force Gaytandzhiev into silence, clearly indicates how close she get to this inconvenient truth.

But even if she is completely close the possibility to continue this investigation, she has done much to reveal the real background of the Syrian war and the close relationship between the United States and several NATO countries with international terrorist organizations.

NKVD officer

In Bulgaria there is no such thing as freedom of the press

Continuing the theme with the dismissal of Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhiev that was investigating ties between the countries of NATO, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan with the supply of weapons to terrorists in Syria. Exclusive interview with Newsfront where she talks about how and who fired her.

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhiev, which became widely known after investigations linked with the supply of the US and Saudi Arabia of weapons to terrorists in Syria, was dismissed from the newspaper “Trud” on the eve of another trip to Syria, where she was supposed to continue his research. News Front was able to ask Dilane a few questions on the current scandal with the dismissal and political claims to the journalist.

News Front: Dilana, you conducted an investigation with regards to arms shipments from European countries to Syria and only a few days before another trip there and continue the work you were fired from a post in the newspaper “Trud”. Moreover, you were questioned by the national security Agency of Bulgaria with regards to your sources of information. What happened actually?

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: a Few days ago I got a call from the national security Agency and asked me to come to them, without specifying any reasons for my questioning. Yesterday I visited their office where I was questioned about my sources, as I understand it, they launched an investigation about the leak of documents which involves Azerbaijan, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and many other European countries involved in the supply of weapons to terrorists
It became clear to me that the Bulgarian authorities did not investigate the contents of these documents. They are investigating ways of getting these documents to me. When the interrogation was over there in a few hours I got a call from the Secretary from the newspaper where I worked until yesterday. And she said that I should come to the office of “Trud Daily” and sign the letter of resignation. I told no one and still I don’t know the reasons for them to make that decision. If to speak legally to suspend my contract.

News Front: do you Believe that it can be connected directly with the authorities after your interrogation at the security Agency?

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: to be Honest, this is not a surprise to me. I work in Bulgaria and here. This, of course, a local problem, but people should know what started this story. In Bulgaria there is no independent journalism.. we Have a corporate media, mainstream media. Which follow the government’s agenda, and the journalist-investigator is extremely difficult to speak. And we are not talking only about me, but about journalism in General, because this issue concerns conflicts around the world. And the supply of weapons to terrorists around the world.It’s not about me, but about how to relate to investigative journalists who study this issue, this criminal scheme. They can not work freely, they are not allowed to work independently. I am very grateful to your Agency for giving us the opportunity to bring the truth to the people.As I know, in Bulgaria there is no such thing as freedom of the press.

News Front: did you have any problems while working on your investigation?

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: No, just a few weeks ago I had a meeting with the chief editor. And we discussed my trip to Syria. He said he supports me and that I should continue my investigation. We discussed plans for the continuation of the work on the trip. And I really was going to go there, but I didn’t expect that this will happen now. Because I can work on when my contract was frozen? And I lost my job. Without any explanation of what is happening.Of course, I have my own guesses about this, but they are not officially said a word.

News Front: do you Expect any explanation from the authorities in the future?

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: a Few months ago when I discovered and photographed the warehouse with the Bulgarian heavy weapons, authorities said they were not involved in this and that Bulgaria, as a country has nothing to do with those weapons. No one has investigated how this weapon was the terrorists in Syria. They just missed it, denied all allegations of Bulgarian weapons everywhere, not just in Syria. Is it taboo in Bulgaria. No one wants to ask questions and to answer these questions. So until now I have not received explanations from the Bulgarian authorities. Honestly, after my yesterday’s questioning. I know that neither the security Agency nor prosecutors are not going to do anything to get to the truth. They don’t want to investigate, they just need my sources and it’s scary, it is a threat to freedom of speech. Not only in Bulgaria but in General.I am familiar with many foreign journalists who work in the same conditions as I do. This is how journalists are forced to shut up, but I’m sure sooner or later I’ll get the truth, because I plan to continue the investigation. The supply of weapons not only in Syria but also in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen. Because the war in Syria will end soon and all these terrorists peredoziruet either in Africa or in Afghanistan or Pakistan. So, I believe that arms supplies to continue and will fall into the hands of terrorists.So I’ll follow them. No matter where, I will continue my work

News Front: You do really beautiful work and there is no doubt that the authorities and the weapons are inextricably linked with each other.

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: the Weapon is money, so the problem is, I believe, is that the authorities make weapons, turning a blind eye to everything else

News Front: Tell me, have you received direct threats after the incident?

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: No direct threats I received, but it’s not quite true, there are many ways of intimidation, threats, accusations, but at me is not valid. I’m not afraid and I have nothing to lose.

News Front: aren’t you afraid to continue your investigation? Visit the hot spots?

Dilana Gaitandzhiev: It sounds like a call for me and whenever I get asked this question — I can’t explain it, but once you saw the war in the eyes of a child, and when you encounter such a situation, you want to make the right choice to solve this conflict, this problem, and want the world to know the truth, because there is such a statement — “the First casualty of war is truth”. Our mission is to bring the truth to the people.And even being under suspicion, being fired from the newspaper Trud Daily, I’m not leaving my job because this is my calling in life, I feel it.
Maybe it sounds too cliche, but it’s not, because you pay a high price to pay to be a war correspondent. This is a very heavy emotional burden. In addition to physical activity, which you can experience, in addition to physical threats, you may experience nightmares, you feel helpless.And honestly, if not for words of support from around the world that I have received, I would continue to feel helpless, because I know that the supply of weapons continues today, and in that moment, when I say that missiles kill children in Syria, in Yemen, and I can’t do anything about it, and I’m not allowed to take any action in my country, because journalists are subject to great pressure. And in Bulgaria I’m not allowed to Express their opinion, but I’m going to do it.

I will not stop and I will not be silent because the government of Bulgaria should take measures to end the supply of weapons, because it is a business built on death. Business bringing the death of children, and we have to make clear to this problem. I hope that the journalism society will not close their eyes and, as has been said you will provide support and this problem goes public.

News Front: Here we are faced with an obvious crime to ban the journalistic freedom of speech, because freedom of speech is an important component of our work. I hope that You will continue its work and its investigation. I wish you good luck in Your work, you are a very strong woman, and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to chat with You.

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev: I was very pleased to talk with You, thanks again for Your interest and support, as this issue affects not only me, this problem concerns all of us and all the journalists in General. Thank You and good luck!

Dilyana good luck in her work as a journalist, I hope he can find a new job in which she can continue her investigations revealing the real background of the Syrian war.
In my memory, its investigation of the arms supply to Syria was among the highest quality in recent years and its current problems with the Bulgarian authorities covering the gray scheme of supply of weapons to terrorists, another proof.

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