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Erdoğan and Putin and Alexander Dugin

Turkey-Russia relations in a more intense these days than it used to be YAVUZTURK when the relationship began, the Kremlin’s deep man Putin’s chief foreign policy adviser, Alexander Dugin is reached. Avazturk Dugin giving an exclusive interview to the Turkish-Russian rapprochement between Turkey and Russia in the details of the works carried out Syrian policy developments and the status of Turkmens likely to happen explained.

Erdoğan and Putin and Alexander Dugin talks behind the scenes of exclusive interview Erdoğan and Putin and Alexander Dugin talks behind the scenes of exclusive interview


Erdogan calls Putin agenda between all of the intense public opinion of our country has served as an important place in the world. 24 November 2015 with shooting down the Russian plane and mutually initiated with an unsolvable problem no longer broken out constantly escalating tension between Turkey and Russia started in July 15 when the treacherous attempt to be seen as President Erdogan and Putin made initial support coming from interview on 9 August of the posts critical of the course in the opposite direction of the voltage is changed.Now that Turkey – Russia relations in a more intense than it used to be convergence of strategic cooperation the voices started to be heard.

Turkey’s new horizons was observed on the basis of these developments, the public doesn’t know exactly what yavuzturk’s work reached. Some months ago his meeting erdoğan and Putin established communication networks between them to melt the ice caused to occur in a warmer climate than previously thought, and the details of the interview. You need to talk about two heroes of this interview was to prepare the infrastructure. On behalf of Turkey, Dr. Hasan cengiz on behalf of local government Association President Putin and Russia’s Eurasian Foreign Policy Advisor Alexander Dugin.

Yavuzturk as the details of the event learned from the mouth of the first of these studies, made with an exclusive interview with Dugin and we’re down to the details of the subject.

Alexander Dugin who first project in this collaboration, how important it is to have a place that you need to understand.

Dugin, a professor of Philosophy, Deputy Chairman of the KGB, Lieutenant-General, son of a father and a mother. After studying engineering, one of Russia’s most important scholars in international relations and continued training in this area. Currently Chairman at the Russian State University. At the same time a philosopher. First name Boris Yeltsin’s pro-American policies demonstrated by stiff opposition announced a Russian nationalist stance. The opposition to Putin’s situation attracted attention, and entered Parliament as a member of the Russian parliament since Putin came to power.Eurasianism in Russia in the 90s, the founder and mastermind of the movement showing the first spark. Also the most ardent student of the flow of eurasianism Putin. Russian foreign policy since Putin became the President of the Board of eurasianism is the person that determines the dynamics of the flow. At the same time, Russian intelligence and the military power of the deep state over the decision to have one of the members. Pravoslavie is very dark, and the Russian Orthodox Church, adviser. One of Russia’s most highly visible names.Many media companies such as television, Putin also informal partner is the owner of the Russian Tsargrad. Russia, which has become the official policy of anti-Americanism has become the target of the CIA the most ardent defenders of the current to be Dugin, a famous American strategist and policy expert, an America that was targeting has been an enemy of Sigmund bzejinski Frequent.

At this stage, founded by Dugin Eurasianism and Russia’s official foreign policy, which has become important to examine the flow of also.

With the collapse of the USSR, the deterioration of the balance of the Cold War left America as the world’s only superpower the US. The role of the gendarme of the world in the balance deteriorating world America they want for their own interests has become an exploit and occupy the place of some nudity. This is a significant threat to all countries of the world who thinks the wedding, eurasianism the creation of a new equilibrium established by the elements of the stream targeted.The thesis that will be a safer place in a multipolar world as the only superpower in the face of the United States, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey led by he defended his thesis balance that can be achieved by establishing the Eurasian Alliance. You know, in Russia, there is a strong partnership between China and Iran, but the US-led NATO against the Eurasian block balancing will be a factor of the sine qua non of Turkey to join the bloc.Turkey’s geopolitical position, to be on the most important trade routes in the Turkic republics, and the presence of the leader of the Sunni Islamic leadership potential that could be indispensable to establish the presence of Turkey makes the country the infrastructure of this blog.

Before the interview preparation phase the local government has performed the Eurasian Association President Dr. Hasan Cengiz Turkey leg. Hasan, a Think Tank for International Relations expert cengiz and purposes, a non-governmental organization is established as the month in the Middle East, Africa and in the Arab countries quite intensive organization and developed a network of relationships. The data in a report obtained as a result of his work in these countries and politicians to voluntarily conducting an important service by transferring to the state level.

Erdoğan and Putin held the meeting of August 9, sub-structure we need to tell it in chronological order. Mutual relations deteriorated after the crisis is getting worse with the confrontations and sanctions on 24 November. When the voltage was at the peak of the Eurasian Association President Hasan in the month of March with Alexander Dugin attempts to Direct local government were invited to Turkey. A wedding at the house of Culture in baglum AYYB in close vicinity of secret meetings between the President advisors were organized.The main topic of this meeting on November 24 who died in the Russian plane, Turkey – Russia relations was dropped, where the deliberate attempt to sabotage this CLA is an act of provocation, where provocation is used as pilots in the Turkish Air Force this member into feto shooter, the aircraft and drop the action or policy is not within the Decree of the President the Turkish government, and Turkey certainly watched it described how the policy of Russian hostility. Putin, Dugin was to be passed to data and documents obtained in this regard.After the dialogue initiated Radugin, conveyed to Putin returned to Russia and speaking topics. Tsargrad-owned Russian public opinion of the event in his television programs for an understanding of the inner face worked. To convince Putin about this anti-Turkish groups were eliminated. Putin reports of Russian intelligence in this regard was passed. Wedding in Russia conducting these studies, Hasan, cengiz Russia through Central Asia, some agencies began lobbying activities.Imagine samedov Azerbaijani intelligence officer because of his work in state institutions of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in Russia with Putin and lobby activities of civil society organizations around here allowed to be persuaded. The meeting erdoğan and Putin, which will be held with the participation of public safety is responsible for the infrastructure of this interview began with scratching.

Came back to Turkey 14 July 2016 wedding. Baglum a private meeting with Turkish Intelligence officials at the house of culture it has been. AK Party Istanbul Deputy Feyzullah kiyikli 15 at a restaurant after meetings with AKP deputies at the Office in çankaya, wedding and Hasan Cengiz, Turkey – Russia relations for the correction of the work done about a joint press conference. Hints were given in this press release of the meeting will be held on 9 August, and 24 November state of relations the period prior to the crisis that is requested to be brought to a better than explained.After the press conference, Alexander Dugin, Muhammed Dervisoglu, Undersecretary of Public Security had a meeting. In this interview, Turkish – Russian relations to be corrected in the light of mutual interests, the Middle East and the necessity to act in accordance with their common interests in the Crimean crisis was discussed. July 15, Baglum also joined a breakfast meeting in the Culture House Turkish Intelligence officials once again. Wedding in Turkey’s democracy and territorial integrity of America and the western world with concrete examples and evidence that policies that target is expressed.This is very close to a coup against democracy in Turkey and are expressed at the highest level and necessary precautions should be taken, he said. Russian Intelligence reports that a coup attempt is about to give a flurry of activity to be forwarded to the President as urgent attempts were made, but as of the morning of 15th July coup attempt by members of the efforts and information about the mobility of feto infiltrated the presidency was blocked. On the basis of the urgency of the situation upon this beldi reached out to Ankara Metropolitan Mayor melih.Melih, cengiz and Hasan described the situation at a meeting attended by Alexander Dugin. However, despite efforts to melih received the news in the early hours and in the evening was to be denied the coup attempt feto the nefarious attacks of terrorists in his soldier’s uniform carried out.

After the failed attempt, Alexander Dugin owned by Tsargrad by sending their correspondent to Turkey 3 hour of television made a documentary. In this documentary Feto / PCM a terrorist organisation was introduced. Explaining the details of the failed attempt by the Turkish people in Russian Public Opinion and the Turkish government emphasized that after this attack is standing in a more powerful state. In the documentary, Hasan Cengiz, the Chairman of the Constitutional Commission Burhan kuzu, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor melih, Kecioren Mayor Mustafa Ak, Osman Gokcek and some interviews with victims of Feto were performed.The first part of this documentary and the interview dates 8 August 9 August in place of Tsargrad in television was published.

Alexander Dugin interview on August 4 before 3. The time came to Turkey. Will be held on 9 August, Erdogan – Putin meeting will be discussed during the interview and ensure that you pass in the most positive way sub-headings to clarify some of the calls made. Melih Burhan kuzu and after talks with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s meeting with was there. At this meeting, Wedding, and mutual sharing of the meeting to be held relating to Putin’s private messages were conveyed.All these preliminary studies of the talks, which took place on 9 August 2016 erdoğan and Putin made it happen in a very successful way.

As Alexander Dugin and Russian foreign policy yavuzturk we did a special interview with Chief adviser to Turkey – Russia relations through the eyes of the state of we tried to understand the Russians.

Yavuzturk: Turkey-Russia relations in a bad situation why.

Dugin: In the new world order in America’s own best interests when I try to create in order to exploit the energy resources of the Middle East, first, and then provoke internal disturbances under the name of intervention in these regions are occupied. The power strokes that will work for their benefits. Under this plan beyond his or her control to be a Turkey of America is the biggest threat of the plan. Turkey is also against their own interest policies allowing you to determine the most important factor in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation with Russia and it will have positive dialogues.Under the plan, America will obey a complete fetullah gülen movement for a long time she was preparing to come to power with the coup of their plans activated. This coup in the preparation of a possible Turkey – Russia alliance in Syria to prevent breaking and ruining the support of Russia that acts in the direction of the relationship found. The most important of these actions was the shooting down of Russian fighter plane. Already understood that the Russian plane with the lowering of the Turkish army was infiltrated militanlarinc feto.

Yavuzturk: eurasianism and the Eurasian bloc is the founder of the establishment that you are in flow, you’re targeting what is Turkey’s position. In the case of Turkey joining the Alliance, how you can position by NATO and the European Union.

Dugin: we have Russia, Turkey, the American-LED NATO and the European Union and the Eurasian block away from to become one of the established decision-making units we desire. This was seen with the United States, which already failed attempt of Turkey as an ally a power for not acting like a way to occupy him. The European Union is also already the Christian community and Turkey as a Muslim country the Union brought every difficulty brings.

Yavuzturk : as pointed out with the insistence of Mr Erdogan’s Turkey as an Islamic country, the leader of a mission in the loading position and the patron. What are the opinions on this issue Eurasian bloc countries and Russia.

Dugin:At the forefront of the phenomenon of religion in the formation of the Eurasian bloc. We are still in the Alliance is the leader of the Shiite world of Iran. China is a country that hosts a very different religious beliefs. We we see four different sections of the Islamic world. These Shia, Sunni disagreement, the assumption that the means and Sufi Vahabilik. Vahabilik currents and completely controlled by America and by supporting salafism in the Islamic world strengthened, is a measure of the flux emitted.Iran’s Shiite-LED current The current American imposed only in the face of an element of balance that creates the current, and most appropriate to the current Shia Islamic world and America opposing Russian interests and control to the project are seen as a balancing factor in terms of being the most appropriate current and supported. However, there is a definite line between Sunni and Shia movements and Iran’s Sunni Muslim areas, because of the effect that this distinction is not possible.For this reason, the influence of America to take leadership of the Islamic world outside of Turkey a Sunni Caliphate to Russia’s support and this is a condition that will not hesitate to show support in all areas. In Sunni Islam the countries that are pro-American rather than to the influence of salafism and the flow of Vahabilik an independent Sunni Islamic Caliphate in Turkey coincides with Russia’s interests in the world. For these reasons, Russia, Turkey provides full support for the idea of the Islamic Caliphate. Abdulhakim me during my visits to Ankara to visit the grave of great Islamic scholar and pray according to their own beliefs and avrasi contains this message.

Yavuzturk: Russia’s attitude on the Syrian crisis, with Russian planes bombing the Eclipse Turkmen received great response to our relatives. Also Bashar al-Assad supported by Russia and seems to be disagreements between Turkey and Russia in the Syrian crisis. What are your thoughts on this.

Dugin: Syria has been an important ally of Russia since the time of Hafez al-Assad. Russian military bases stationed in Syria, the breaking of American hegemony, the Russian army and the impact in the warm Mediterranean Sea is very important because it creates the element and balance. Already for this reason, the United States and their control in Syria to get out of the mess a civil government wanted to take over. A fully independent which is important for us to protect the territorial integrity of Syria. There is a problem with Russia Turkmen.The aim of Russia’s intervention is intended to fend off attacks on the territorial integrity and independence of Syria. The establishment of an independent Kurdish state in the region is against the interests of Russia. Of peace and democracy in the region by joint action with Turkey on Syria to the set may be provided. The interests of Turkey and Russia on Syria, never the reverse.

Yavuzturk: finally, do you have anything to say?

Dugin:  The meeting to be held on August 9 that is very important in terms of the interests of the two countries, is a start, but also the beginning of a very challenging struggle. After this stage, the healing of relationships to try to prevent the American forces of the struggle will be the beginning. When it is brought to the best level of relations as in the case of Serbia, the CIA got caught in its relationships with the underground work. Turkey – Russia relations prepared for these obstacles and move forward to the end of the case you need to be careful.














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