Trump is the Antichrist | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Now Trump is making his first foreign tour. And again a surprise. The first foreign visit is this time not to Mexico and the countries of Latin America, which is the custom of American presidents, and not to Russia, for example, but to Saudi Arabia, the country that is the main sponsor of ISIS (banned in Russia) and Islamic terrorism. What logic we are dealing with here? Neither Trump number 1, nor Trump number 2. Who are You Mr. Trump?

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Russia and Romania | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Moreover, I must admit that “Noomachia”, the work that I am currently engaged in is a continuation of the work that was interrupted by the premature death of Ioan P. Couliano. Before he was killed in the US, he developed a model of noology, what he called mindgames, in which he set the task – he, the Romanian, and in this, in my opinion, the entire Romanian spirit, the entire Romanian philosophy! He set the task to study the sacred ideas of the East and the West, continuing the line of Eliade, and to build on their basis a certain conceptual dictionary of civilizations. Thus, some basic plots, paradigms will explain to us the culture of the most diverse peoples, religions, and societies. Part of this line was continued by Mr. Badescu (Ilie Bădescu) in his “Nologia”.

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Alexander Dugin: Modern France is increasingly turning into Anti-France

Modern France is increasingly turning into anti-France if its complex and controversial but generally Olympic-oriented, Celtic Dasein, with a strong factor of “liberated femininity” (“fragile patriarchy”), or, on the other hand, finally Changes its noologic nature from the Logos of Apollo and Dionysus to the Logos of Cybele, thus completing the process that began many centuries ago.

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The name of Europe is Marine Le Pen | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Therefore, I think that today conservative-revolutionary discourse, first of all, precise conservative-revolutionary analysis and monitoring on the basis of the conservative-revolutionary discourse of multipolarity, the fourth political theory and Eurasianism, which are topical for all, is topical today. Therefore, I propose to focus efforts on an English language, on communications with the French and American poles, first of all, and with the rest contries as far as possible. And here the exchange of positions and understanding, careful reading, disputes, elucidating “who is right – who is not right”, debates about the new conceptual apparatus, developments of new formulas, down to memes, becomes a very important task, because we have entered an entirely new world.

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Dugin: In France the battle is lost, the war is not

Now it is clear that Resistance with necessity must be global. After all, the enemy is global.

The old parties are virtually destroyed. There are neither right nor left. There are the People and Elites, Europeans and the global financial oligarchy. Marine performed perfectly. She is henceforth the ideological pole of the Resistance.

Since Macron fundamentally can not do anything, and the crisis will only deepen, now, without losing a minute, we must prepare for the next stage of our common struggle – for France, Europe and mankind. Our name is Marine Le Pen!

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