Dugin’s Guideline – The revolution of 1917

Many talk about the need for reconciliation of white and red. I’m sorry, but this question is completely irrelevant and far-fetched. No red, especially whites, today, no. There is a gray, generally have little understanding of ideology and the creative class – mostly blue or rainbow colors. A red and white no. There is only sluggish them simulacra. So this topic in this expression it is better to postpone. To reconcile, it is necessary to have both. And since they are not – maybe by the way, and well, there is – and there is nothing to invent. But to understand the meaning of what happened in 1917 is necessary.Seriously and without hysteria.

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Dugin’s Guideline – The October Revolution

October has tempted many great Russian thinkers and poets who saw in the revolution an eschatological event and even the advent of the Russian Hour. Almost all of them repented later. But this does not mean that they awaited the Russian Hour in vain. Simply put, the real Russian Revolution is still ahead.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Lenin – our inner phenomenon

To understand is not to condemn and not to justify. The figure is not to render a verdict and not to scream with foam at a mouth. Russia in the twentieth century was divided on red and white. The front line ran through living Russian into her Russian soul. Is not true that the Communists were only the fanatics are foreigners, imported in a sealed car from Europe on money of the German General staff. These were our ancestors, the Russian people, who believed in the red utopia and followed her to the end. It was heresy, heterodoxy, it was a bloody atrocity and genocide of the people. But did not someone else, but by ourselves. Lenin is an internal phenomenon. We must first understand it. And then maybe to repent. But maybe not. Until we know everything will be unfair, not truly, not in truth.

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