No James Bonds | Modern agents all drink more and fail more | Grigory Yakovlev

None of the 16 intelligence agencies of the United States were able to predict the exit of England from the European Union.

According to the agreements between great Britain and the United States operational workers of the various structures existing in both countries, is allowed to gather information, process it and use both in its own and in partnership interests. It is no secret that under the guise of cooperation, the Americans also interfere in British politics, doing so almost since the creation of the CIA.

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Briefing the options … | Sic Semper Tyrannis

In the case of the options meeting concerning Syria at the White House on Friday, it seems clear that what was briefed was a set of options generated by the Joint Staff. In this meeting the president/CinC met with the chiefs to discuss the options and their secondary effects. Others may have been invited; the DNI, the Director of CIA, the Secretary of State, the CENTCOM commander, but they would essentially be “strap hangers”, i.e., observers at what was essentially a JCS “show.” An accomplished briefer would have presented the Courses of Action. This would be followed by discussion led by General Dunford, CJCS.

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