Road offensive | Colonel Cassad

Front to the south of Jira has completely collapsed. The remaining DAESH units went to Maskah, where they plan to organize long-term resistance.

Also began the advance of the SAA in the area of the route Khanasser-Itria.

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Khanaser. 26.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad

Overall, this is another local crisis on the familiar scenario. At the moment, from the area of fighting received enough conflicting information, although it is unlikely here the Caliphate will be able to make significant progress that changes the operational situation to the West of the province of Raqqa. As a maximum, will for some time to create a local crisis with the standard threat to the supply of strategic road.

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Khanasser 25.02 | Colonel Cassad

In general, the battle for Khanasser showed that the caliphate can achieve initial successes by surprise and tactical tricks, but in direct collision with the shock troops of the Syrian army with the support of Russian air power, The calpihate’s lack of heavy weapons and the lack of an entrenched defense, and in spite of the persistence in the defense, make it difficult for ISIS to hold captured positions.

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