The Metaphysical Roots of Political Ideologies | Alexander Dugin

We believe that the origins of politics and man’s political self-determination first and foremost stem from certain metaphysical dogmas, and only later do they draw slogans and cliches from the specific social reality through which these dogmas find their direct expression. Moreover, in most cases these dogmas themselves remain entirely behind the scenes, and not only an ideology’s ordinary representatives but also its exponents or “creators” at times do not even have the slightest idea of such. These metaphysical dogmas can take root in a person through either the semantic implication of traditional symbols and signs (the cultural and social factor), through innate psycho-mental attitudes (the psycho-genetic factor), or through man’s existential reaction to Being (the existentialist factor). In any case, the metaphysical dogmas which predetermine ideology are experienced by man as something internal, unconditional, and as some kind of existential imperative.

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Orthodox Logos | Alexander Dugin

The idea about the predestination of time involves an alienated understanding of time, as the Stoics or, as in Calvinism. This is obviously not Orthodox, because an Orthodox person time is not an object. No man lives in time, and we’re on our own there is a modus of time. The relation of time to eternity does not mean that there is one future. Any time of eternity contains an infinite number of future, otherwise eternity would be simple and stupid, not forever, and its simulacrum. A real eternity is alive. The life of the next century is not what will happen “the day after tomorrow”. The life of the next century is a special ontology and cosmology, which we understand in the light of the resurrection is not just a reproduction of the same body, resurrection is a new in all respects time is permeated with eternity.

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Mysteries of the McGnosis | AKIRA

The premise of this thought experiment is to completely suspend any sense of absurdity and revulsion, and to treat Liberalism in its modern consumerist and postmodern form as if it was a full and whole religious phenomenon, and to examine it as such. This is a departure from the Traditionalist analysis of modernity because I will argue that instead of a total desacralization of the world, the metaphysical mutation that defines the core of the modern west is actually a radical implosion of the whole Sacred/Profane polarity that confines this entire polarity completely within the container of the Individual, just as the extreme development along a monotheistic creationist line finally concentrates the whole of the sacred (but not the profane) within God.

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Against The McGnostics | AKIRA

Liberal Consumerism is a diseased form of Monotheism that replaced God with the Individual. The mystical or spiritual forms of this religion (The New Age) exalt and glorify the central metaphysics, just as the main esoteric forms of the other great Monotheisms glorify God.

So when we see the open devotees of this abomination, Men who have erected a temple over the foulest and most polluted of all sewers, how shall we call them?


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