The attack and consequences | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army


Super-atmospheric Live-Video shot in combat formations of the advancing detachment of the Caliphate in the first person.

Video shows attack of the trucks with the militants on Syrian army position.

The ending is just gorgeous. Hysterically plow all the videos character and we all knew it will all end. – write that the attack was in Eastern HOMS.

Reminded pozaproshlogodnie video from Iraq, when the operator removes the attack motorized infantry “black” also killed in the end.

PS. The title picture is just for illustration – there is a hodgepodge full of equipment of a Caliphate in August-September.

Plus to the heap. Videoconferencing extinguishes boats Caliphate on the Euphrates.

This is quite a prudent measure, as the militants have used in the course of the war boats with bombers, so that in the event the pontoon bridge, it is better to clean the area.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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