Su-27 Chases NATO F-16 Away From Russian Defense Minister’s Plane

When one of the fighters started getting too close to Shoigu’s plane, a Su-27 flew in between the two and tilted its wings, apparently to underscore that it was armed with anti-aircraft weapons, at which time the F-16 flew off.

That’s not sitting well with Russia at all, as Defense Committee chairman Vladimir Shamanov, who was also the former Commander of Russian Airborne Forces, condemned the incident as “military rudeness” on NATO’s part.

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Marine Le Pen vs Macron: People vs System | ALEXANDER DUGIN

There is a Europe of Peoples and Europe of System and they enter into a radical battle with each other. The System is we call «big capital», «globalism», «left liberalism», «transnationalism», «gender politics» and «encouragement of uncontrolled migration». The People say to this its decisive «NO». The People choose order, identity and traditional values.

The name of France today is Marin Le Pen. Macron is a System biorobot, a senseless cyborg from the Matrix. The living is fighting with the dead and the battlefield is France.

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5 main characteristics of French presidential election 2017 | Daria Dugina

Today’s popularity ratings of the “National Front”are higher than ever. According to polls, Le Pen can become the winner of the first round and get from 23 to 25% of the vote. If we compare it with the presidential elections of 2002, we see that it’s much higher than Jean-Marie had in 2002 ( he received 16.86%). In the second round, Jean-Marie Le Pen recieved 17.79%. OOpinion Way presents the results according to which in the second round in the case of the Macron-Le Pen duel, she can take about 40%. This is a record for the party in its history.

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So ends NATO | Colonel Cassad

In General, these charges are part of a massive awareness campaign where Trump is attacked inside the US and outside, accusing him of neglecting environmental issues, safety, global enterprises, as well as in lying down on the problems of minorities and trying to flirt with Russia. The globalists, losing the election certainly learned nothing, Clinton has become a lost battle that they are trying to fight again, accusing the administration of Trump with an endless succession of scandals and accusations, which are designed to make him completely incompetent and mired in the relationships with the enemies of the United States. The last two months have shown a sufficiently high efficiency of this campaign – the administration Trump hard bounces from a series of scandals and allegations of links with Russia, lose key personnel and may not begin to implement the main provisions of the foreign policy program trump.

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Turkey cuts Syria deal with Russia, confronts Western allies | Al-Monitor

The Turkish-Russian cease-fire deal almost eclipsed an equally sensational story. On Dec. 28, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused his Western partners in the anti-IS coalition of supporting the fanatical group along with the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (PYD). Erdogan went so far as to claim that he had “evidence” that US-led coalition forces in Syria had given support to both IS and the PYD.

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The assassination of the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey | Colonel Cassad

So a regular zealot with his “Allah Akbar”, but behind him is some kind of intelligence Agency, which used him to achieve more far-reaching goals. That it could be MIT is not particularly hard to believe, because while there are benefits from this murder for Erdogan, the cost is very serious – if he wanted to annoy Russia, he could simply give the go-ahead to the FSA militants to come to the rescue of Aleppo, but not stupidly kill the Ambassador, which in no way will strategically improve the position in Northern Syria. Although we can not exclude that this came from the cadres in the MIT and the interior Ministry that remained after the aborted coup. The young officer was a fanatic, the perfect murder weapon, but who has sent this hand (unless it’s an unlikely example of a loner), that is the question. In my opinion the main suspects are Turkoman groups operating in Northern Syria (by the way they are very closely connected with the CIA), and the intelligence service of a foreign state.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor, political scientist and strategist Aleksander Dugin visited the parliamentary group meeting of ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) on Tuesday.

Dugin, who said earlier that Russia had warned the Turkish state authorities of the ongoing junta preparation one day prior to the failed coup attempt of July 15 organized by the Gülenist terror cult (FETÖ), visited the Turkish parliament.

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DUGIN pushes Russian alliance in Turkish parliament with visit to AKP

Today’s guest roster at the Turkish parliament offered an intriguing glimpse of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “New Turkey.” While Western ambassadors in Ankara showed solidarity with the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) over the detentions of its leaders, in a nearby chamber the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was hosting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special adviser Alexander Dugin.

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Refused Service | Colonel Cassad

Instead, the United States announced the preparations for the attack on Raqqa. The idea looks, under current conditions, like an adventure. Previous attempt to attack on Raqqa failed (as well as Syrian-the Russian March on Tabqa), and in the current environment to sign the Kurds to March on Raqqa will be much more difficult, because they are more concerned with confrontation with Turkey to throw their best part in the March to the South, where they are waiting for losses and meaningless battles on the outskirts of Raqqa. So there is more PR and reminder that is announced for 2016-the year of the capture of Raqqa is still supposedly possible. In fact, in 2016, the year of the capture of Raqqa is extremely unlikely as efforts by the US and the Kurds, and the efforts of Russia and Syria. It is a question of 2017, the year, and that the parties will deal with more mundane tasks associated with the occupation of Aleppo and Mosul.

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The Syrian routine | Colonel Cassad

Regarding the threat of war over Syria, I believe that at the moment it still lies more in the information and diplomatic plane than in the military. Under the current White House administration, one can hardly expect such a risky adventure with unpredictable consequences. Rather it is an attempt to influence the position of Russia and its allies in the Syrian war through diplomacy and propaganda, as well as through various provocations (including of a military nature). All this is included in traditional tools the outgoing administration, and it would be strange, if, before his departure, he began to act as has been demanded by Republican hawks for years. This Toolkit will be subjected to serious revision later, when there is a change of White House administration, which in some scenarios and can dramatically increase the probability of a military scenario in Syria involving the US armed forces and NATO countries.

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Russian S-300 systems deployed in Syria after leaks on possible strike at aerodromes | TASS

“First, S-400 systems have been there for a long time and this fact was taken calmly, no one said it was for a show,” she said in an interview with the Dozhd TV channel. “S-300 systems were deployed following leaks from experts close to the United States’ officials that cruise missiles could be used to bomb Syrian aerodromes, and these leaks probably were not groundless.”

“Taking into account the fact that our aerospace force is conducting an operation and our systems are deployed there, no one knows were a missile might fly. That’s why, an S-300 system was deployed,” she said.

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