Itineraries of postmodernism consist of ecstatically attractive elements. As Baudrillard said, today is not people who take pictures of objects, but the objects make people photograph them. It is the property of a topos of ecstatic. This element of the surrounding space, which causes in us the sudden motion of something that we still have. The Church of this ecstatic topos is “McDonald’s”. This is the postpartum ecstatic topos. McDonald’s note, he is happy, and for a very short period of time. It pleases, amuses, entertains and not understand anything — the food there is tasteless, no content in the “McDonald’s” is not present, the vitamins, too, but, nevertheless, it is postmodernist utopia, a place that does not exist. And it sits a clown, showing that this place is ironic, a mockery of the idea of the restaurant, food, food, this pseudo-food, where people come, do not understand why, and so there is some kind of miracle… “McDonalds” — this is also an example of black miracles, because neither the cause nor the purpose is present.

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