Islam against Islam | Alexander Dugin

The Islamic world is far from homogeneous. There are a few geopolitical units, each of which relies on distinct historical, religious, cultural and civilizational trends, conducting independent strategic line both globally and locally. In addition to fundamentalism in Islam, there are many other versions and trends. But more importantly for the concept of “Islamic fundamentalism” is somewhat not just different, but contradictory trends. Not realizing this, we will not be able to adequately understand or sense what is happening today crisis events in Chechnya and Dagestan (also in the North Caucasus and the looming disaster in other areas with the Muslim population on the territory of the Russian Federation), or what is happening in the Islamic world as a whole.

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Islamism versus Islam? | Cladio Mutti

Remember that the English agent John Philby was the chief counsellor of King Ibn Saud, the usurper of the custody of the Holy Places, who made of the Wahhabist heresy the official ideology of Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabist kingdom, historical ally of Anglo-American imperialists, has generously financed and supported the Islamist groups. Now these groups have found another Wahhabist cashier, the Qatari Emir; housing Aljazeera and the regional seat of US Central Headquarters, Al-Thani is trying to adopt a role of leader in the Arab world and has become the main competitor of Saudi Arabia in the pro-American coalition. This way, who pays for the musicians, decides the music, which is after all an American music.

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The assassination of the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey | Colonel Cassad

So a regular zealot with his “Allah Akbar”, but behind him is some kind of intelligence Agency, which used him to achieve more far-reaching goals. That it could be MIT is not particularly hard to believe, because while there are benefits from this murder for Erdogan, the cost is very serious – if he wanted to annoy Russia, he could simply give the go-ahead to the FSA militants to come to the rescue of Aleppo, but not stupidly kill the Ambassador, which in no way will strategically improve the position in Northern Syria. Although we can not exclude that this came from the cadres in the MIT and the interior Ministry that remained after the aborted coup. The young officer was a fanatic, the perfect murder weapon, but who has sent this hand (unless it’s an unlikely example of a loner), that is the question. In my opinion the main suspects are Turkoman groups operating in Northern Syria (by the way they are very closely connected with the CIA), and the intelligence service of a foreign state.

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