Iranian-Turkish friendship | Colonel Cassad

The next bifurcation point is access to Deir-ez-Zor, Raqqa’s capture and holding of the Kurdish referendum in Iraq, then we will see further clarification of the pattern and the General configuration of the conflict around the Kurdish self-determination, which is in fatal conflict with the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq.

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Alexander Dugin: Iran in anticipation of the (end) of the Light

Iran is not just a country, and Iranians are not just people. This is the greatest civilization of antiquity and modernity, playing a huge, sometimes leading role in the multidimensional dialogue of cultures, which is the essence of the history of the world. Iran is an Asian country, and its people, its history is part of the culture of Asia. This means that here we are dealing with something completely independent of Europe and its ways, its identity and the struggle of its Logos.

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Qatar refused | Colonel Cassad

For Russia the crisis over Qatar is largely beneficial, because now instead of a single camp of enemies of Assad, it is possible to observe their internecine squabbling trying to pass each other responsible for the failure of the preceding policy.
A couple of years ago, the situation when Iran and Turkey will work together to cover Qatar (!) from Saudi Arabia, would look perfect oxymoron. Now, it is perceived as a logical consequence of the tectonic changes in the military-political situation in the middle East. Intervening in the Syrian war, Russia has accelerated the process of reformatting the region, and military successes helped to change the fact that part of these transformations was carried out in the best possible way for the Russian-Iranian coalition, and Assad

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