USA and the syndrome of great-power autism | Leonid Savin

Of course, Trump’s critics in the United States, who have been no less numerous since last year’s election campaign, are overly focused on the new president’s personality, while the problem of America’s international behavior is much deeper. Great-power autism in American foreign policy is supported by the preaching of the United States exclusivity, the missionary complex of spreading this democracy around the world, the quasi-religious doctrine of “predetermined destiny” (Manifest Destiny) , the ideology of atlantism and many others.

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Washington gingerbread | Colonel Cassad

1. Moscow has been promised a strategic partnership, if it will hand over al-Assad.

2. Russia is now included in a new edition of the “axis of evil”, from which it can easily get out if refuses to cooperate with a “failed” regimes of Syria, Iran and North Korea.

3. The network has leaked the conversation which took the place of during a meeting G-7, where Tillerson made disparaging comments about Ukraine.

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The Ultimatum from Tillerson | Colonel Cassad

It is quite clear that the open surrender of Assad, especially after the sacrifices (today, the defense Ministry announced two more dead), wasted resources and diplomatic efforts, will be nothing but surrender . The withdrawal of troops, the cessation of military support, the termination of cooperation with Iran – all this immediately and decisively will undermine the position of Russia in the middle East.

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The first meeting | Colonel Cassad

In general, as long as this is grinding on, the clarification of relations which will determine the future prospects of the conflict the United States and Russia will be held at a later date. Of course, all this will be accompanied by both a variety of information of hysteria in the US media (directed against the Russian Federation, as well as against the current administration – in order to prevent even the likelihood of a compromise), as well as more concrete steps to hinder contacts between Washington and Moscow, like the manipulation of the resignation of General Flynn (the next likely target – Stiven Bennon)

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Getting rid of Kerry | Colonel Cassad

He is known for active measures with the Russian company “Rosneft” according to some, direct negotiations between Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin facilitated the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of several major projects (in particular, drilling in the Russian Arctic shelf). He was awarded the Russian order of Friendship.

Tillerson does not consider sanctions against Moscow an efficient tool and supports the reduction of the role of restrictive measures in American foreign policy. Tillerson’s candidacy should be approved by the Senate. The assurances of the lawmakers, although the process will not be easy — many of them are concerned about “ties with Russia.”

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