Dugin’s Guideline – Black Sea: NATO and Russia

The worst thing about the West is its falsity. He talks about peace, but solves all war. He praises democracy, but satisfied with illegal coups. He denounces the Nazis who strives to assert their own national values, while practicing methods of terror, blatant racism and genocide. He preaches free enterprise, but transmits all the power in the economy of the transnational monopolies and totalitarian financial institutions on wall street. He accuses his opponents of what he suffers.It is time to realize that the West understands only one thing: strength, power and absolute self-confidence and righteousness. Americans should not put in a penny: they don’t deserve anything, it’s just a cynical deception. We are dealing with a post-modern form of Nazism, this time hidden under the liberal phraseology. This is the liberal Nazism. And NATO direct military tool.

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Black Sea Rising: Rebirth of a Russian Fleet | Moscow Times

When judged by size, the beefing up of the Black Sea Fleet may appear to be anti-climactic to citizens of Western nations that field large navies comprised of increasingly large and complex ships — such as the United States. But what makes the modernized capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet noteworthy is the key capability shared by the Kilo-class submarines, the Grigorovich-class frigates, and small missile corvettes: they all serve as launch platforms for Russia’s brand-new Kalibr land attack cruise missiles.

The Kalibr turned heads in October 2015, when Russia’s Caspian Flotilla launched a major salvo of the new cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to hit alleged terrorist groups in Syria. The strike demonstrated that Russia now has long-range guided attack capabilities, which it previously lacked.

In addition to the new ships, Russia’s has stepped up land-based defenses. Missile and coastal defense systems now cover the peninsula, and new fighter and bomber wings are stationed at Crimean airfields.

The net result of this activity is simple: in two years Russia has created an elaborate defensive zone covering Crimea and most of the Black Sea region. With this net, it can both throw its weight around the neighborhood and seriously deter any potential foe from entering the Black Sea.

With even heavier additions on their way, Russia is on track to reassert itself as the dominant naval power in the Black Sea region.

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