Trump avenges Iran’s victory in Syria and Iraq … and Rohani responds

Elijah J. Magnier

Washington’s position on Tehran divides the European-American camp

Trump puts the nuclear agreement in the balance and turns Rohani into a “hawk”

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Key words: EU, Iran, US, Syria, Iraq, Russia.

By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

The United States has not been able to swallow the Islamic Republic of Iran’s victory, prevailing on the Syrian and Iraqi arenas where the war is shortly going to end- sooner rather than later. On these military stages, today, there is no longer any horizon for extremist groups, witness the defeat of “Islamic State” (ISIS) its territory shrinking to less than a quarter of what it was in 2014. Moreover, Al-Qaeda in Syria (Nusra or Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) is preparing itself for limited options in Idlib: either its fate is to dissolve itself, bow to absolute Turkish control- or fight to the death.

No one is…

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