The liberal have their shadow Government – the evil one. Let us have sun Government destined to appear in the clear day when this day comes and the night rests. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger has created the concept the Philosophy of New Beginning. So we are the New Beginners of the Europe re-emerging from the abyss of the present decadence.

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The Third Totalitarianism | Alexander Dugin

4PT proposes a total new understanding of both the whole and its parts, aside from the three political ideologies of Modernity. This understanding may be called an existential Mit-sein. But in this existentinal comprehension of the presence (Dasein), there is no atom (parts, individual), nor sum of individuals (totalitarianism). In 4PT, being together means to exist, to constitute a presence–a living presence in face of death. We are together only when we are facing our own death. Death is always deeply personal and, simultaneously, there is something common, something that affects each one of us. So, it is necessary to talk not about totalitarianism (a mechanic conception connecting parts and the whole), but about an organic existential holism. And its name is People. Dasein existiert völkisch. In plain opposition to a “third totalitarianism”. For a being-to-death. Mit-Sein. We are the People.

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