The Assault On Aleppo. 24.09.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Overall, 24 September, SAA was able to achieve substantial tactical successes, and the position of the militants in Aleppo has continued to worsen. Without outside relief from the siege, they are likely to lose part of urban neighborhoods and that’s best case for them.

To the North of Aleppo, with the support of armored units of the 7th Turkish army, Pro-Turkish militants counterattacked and began to drive away the Caliphate on South from al-Rai. Recaptured 5 towns, the loss of the Caliphate amounted to 30 killed and several trucks. It is also worth noting that the Caliphate has declared that in the North of Syria was downed/fallen American drone.

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Classic Red Scare: What to do when the Russians come

Initially American surrender might not be given such a harsh name. America would be allowed to save a certain amount of face—whether it had to back down because of Soviet superiority of weapons or because it had lost an actual war—by disguising the unpleasantness of formal surrender under some such rubric as a “disarmament agreement.” America would agree to the dispatch of Soviet “inspection teams” to monitor the “agreement.” The teams would be military and would set up bases in key areas. Their consistent and rapid reinforcement, which the United States would be powerless to halt, would naturally lead, without undue loss of time, to full-scale Soviet control.

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New Red Scare: CIA and FBI investigate Trump Advisor

Page came to the attention of officials at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow several years ago when he showed up in the Russian capital during several business trips and made provocative public comments critical of U.S. policy and sympathetic to Putin. “He was pretty much a brazen apologist for anything Moscow did,” said one U.S. official who served in Russia at the time.

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Dugin’s Guideline – The Aryan Union

Russian and Indian troops in the drills represent two of the army of light who are fighting with the powers of chaos, destruction and evil. Under them the organizers of the exercises involve Islamic terrorists, which are constantly faced by Hindus, especially in Kashmir, and that Russia is waging a deadly war in Syria, and also in Central Asia and sometimes in the North Caucasus. All this is highly symbolic. And this symbolism becomes even more impressive if we consider that Islamic fundamentalism are the United States. That is the real enemy – heart of the dragon Vritra of the ocean.

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Russia: Syrian Opposition Must Separate from Nusra | VOA

Russia’s foreign minister said Friday that Syria’s moderate opposition must separate from certain terrorist groups before there can be a real cessation of hostilities.

“So we are all in favor of a cease-fire, but without separation of the opposition from Nusra, the cease-fire is meaningless,” Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

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