Alexander Dugin: Modern France is increasingly turning into Anti-France

Modern France is increasingly turning into anti-France if its complex and controversial but generally Olympic-oriented, Celtic Dasein, with a strong factor of “liberated femininity” (“fragile patriarchy”), or, on the other hand, finally Changes its noologic nature from the Logos of Apollo and Dionysus to the Logos of Cybele, thus completing the process that began many centuries ago.

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The name of Europe is Marine Le Pen | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Therefore, I think that today conservative-revolutionary discourse, first of all, precise conservative-revolutionary analysis and monitoring on the basis of the conservative-revolutionary discourse of multipolarity, the fourth political theory and Eurasianism, which are topical for all, is topical today. Therefore, I propose to focus efforts on an English language, on communications with the French and American poles, first of all, and with the rest contries as far as possible. And here the exchange of positions and understanding, careful reading, disputes, elucidating “who is right – who is not right”, debates about the new conceptual apparatus, developments of new formulas, down to memes, becomes a very important task, because we have entered an entirely new world.

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Dugin: In France the battle is lost, the war is not

Now it is clear that Resistance with necessity must be global. After all, the enemy is global.

The old parties are virtually destroyed. There are neither right nor left. There are the People and Elites, Europeans and the global financial oligarchy. Marine performed perfectly. She is henceforth the ideological pole of the Resistance.

Since Macron fundamentally can not do anything, and the crisis will only deepen, now, without losing a minute, we must prepare for the next stage of our common struggle – for France, Europe and mankind. Our name is Marine Le Pen!

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Alain de Benoist: Macron is an algorithm

The capital fact of this election, the one that confers a veritable historic character to it, it’s not the Macron phenomenon nor the presence of Marine Le Pen in the second round. It’s the total rout of the two former major parties of government, the PS [Translator’s note: Parti socialiste] and Les Républicains. I even predicted it last February, at a moment where no one seemed to notice it: for the first time since the head of state was elected through universal suffrage, neither of the two parties that have alternately governed France for nearly half a century will be present in the second round.

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France: globalism VS patriotism | Daria Dugina

The candidates’s programs are diametrically oposed to each over in all spheres: from politics to economics. The leader of “National Front” from the very beginning of her campaign declared that she speaks from the “name of the people” and “in the name of the people (au nom du peuple is the slogan of its election campaign). The main procedure for ensuring the will of the people in the country’s political course is the referendum. Her goal is to restore France’s grandeur, to restore sovereignty in four dimensions: legislative, legal, economic, monetary. In foreign policy, she stands on the positions of realism and considers the sovereignty of the state (territorial, legislative, economic, political, etc.) to be the highest value.

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Marine Le Pen vs Macron: People vs System | ALEXANDER DUGIN

There is a Europe of Peoples and Europe of System and they enter into a radical battle with each other. The System is we call «big capital», «globalism», «left liberalism», «transnationalism», «gender politics» and «encouragement of uncontrolled migration». The People say to this its decisive «NO». The People choose order, identity and traditional values.

The name of France today is Marin Le Pen. Macron is a System biorobot, a senseless cyborg from the Matrix. The living is fighting with the dead and the battlefield is France.

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5 main characteristics of French presidential election 2017 | Daria Dugina

Today’s popularity ratings of the “National Front”are higher than ever. According to polls, Le Pen can become the winner of the first round and get from 23 to 25% of the vote. If we compare it with the presidential elections of 2002, we see that it’s much higher than Jean-Marie had in 2002 ( he received 16.86%). In the second round, Jean-Marie Le Pen recieved 17.79%. OOpinion Way presents the results according to which in the second round in the case of the Macron-Le Pen duel, she can take about 40%. This is a record for the party in its history.

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