Dissection Of The Caliphate. Option # 2 | Colonel Cassad


Officer of the red army


3 days ago I wrote http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3612021.html about 3 hypothetical option that cuts the territory of the Caliphate and the environment of a large group of militants in Central Syria.

In the end, realized option # 2. Unofficially it is called the “pot in Eastern Hama”.
The onset of the Northern group in the South-East from Ithriya and the southern group through the oil fields in the Shaer area East of Chuvashia, allowed us to dissect the territory of the Caliphate in Central Syria into 2 parts, with the result that the troops of the Caliphate in Eastern Hama and Eastern HOMS was in the operational environment (according to one source, the Syrian troops already met, on the otherthere remained 2-4 kilometers in a straight line), and the forces that are located in mountainous areas North-West of sukhna, still can be surrounded, if the SAA manage to overcome rasteenie 30-35 kilometers between the group operating in the area of sukhna and the group operating in the South-Eastern province of raqqa.

DHb5EWmXkAAV6K_.jpg large.jpeg

Of course, to clean it will take a decent enough time given the hilly terrain and a significant number of forces of the Caliphate in the formed pot. But the loss of operational connectivity between the troops of the Caliphate in Central Syria would facilitate the release of Syrian territory, as SAA due to the quantitative and technological superiority will be easier to concentrate its troops for strikes against the weak defense of militants in the Eastern part of the boiler where they have actually on the move to build a defense in order to prevent the rapid collapse of the boiler. SAA in turn will take several days to create a full wall of the boiler, so as long as there has been only a General cordon cutting off the group from rest of the Caliphate. Overall, this development is changing in favor of the SAA strategic position in Central Syria and creates the preconditions for the further liberation of the territories of the provinces of HOMS and Hama, and also creates the medium term to restore oil production in the liberated areas that will facilitate economic situation in Syria.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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