Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” |

The work of Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” was first published in 1926. And soon it was subjected to destructive criticism and was sent for a long time into oblivion, like all of Svechin’s work. But it stood the test of silence and subsequent negligence.

And today the “Strategy” remains a powerful source for the development of creative strategic thinking, despite the large, largely unforeseen, changes in the environment and content of human life, the well-being and security of which increasingly depend on the validity and implementation of appropriate strategies.

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On the faces of war | Valery Gerasimov

Non-military forms and means of struggle have received unprecedented technological development and acquired dangerous and sometimes violent aspects. Their practical use could cause a collapse in the energy, banking, economic, informational and other spheres of the state. As example, the results of cyber attacks on the energy infrastructure of Iran in 2015.

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The Art of New Generation Russian Warfare | Luis Lázaro Tijerina

If and only if the Russian Government marshals itself in the direction which is opposite of the American petty bourgeois view or mentality of economic greed and gratification, as well as the bourgeois designs for imperial hegemony as is the constant pattern of the various United States regimes in the modern era, will the Russian military succeed in its long war against American imperialism.

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In short, President Putin is taking into consideration a complex series of global developments and opportunities. He will act decisively, but not in haste. The Russian military intervention in Syria, launched last September, has stabilized the Assad regime and seen the Syrian Army rebuilt into a far more effective fighting force. Putin has also seen that Iran’s effectiveness in Syria has proven to be over-rated. When Russia pulled back some of its military support for the Assad government earlier this year, anticipating that Iran would be able to fill that vacuum, it proved not to be the case. Russia is now quietly back in Syria on a scale equal to the peak of the late 2015 intervention.

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Apocalypse as praxis | Akira

Dawn in boots is breaking with an AK-74. The bright star of chaos is rising in the east and the dark logos of a new revolution beckons to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The veil of our stark despair within the abomination of desolation has been torn away, and we can see now that the spectacle of the eternal shopping mall was only a hideous nightmare.

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