The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil | ALEXANDER DUGIN

The whole history of modernity passed under the sign of these three political theories, which embodied the very matrix, the very paradigm of the political philosophy of modern times. And they were all built on the logic of the political philosophy of the Mother: they were all materialistic, evolutionary, progressive, they all viewed the structure of the world from the bottom up, and not from the top down, that is, they were built on the foundation of an immanent materialistic doctrine.

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The existential theory of society | ALEXANDER DUGIN

The Fourth Political Theory of religion is not a tribute to tradition, it is not just a vestigial trait of the past – especially in the past, we have atheistic Modern. The Fourth Political Theory, the people resolved to have God. And that decision takes itself Dasein, Dasein as a people (Volk). And if the Fourth Political Theory in metaphysics, philosophy and sociology is a revolutionary (conservative-revolutionary), and in the sphere of religion, it should be the same. Therefore, faith is awake to the history of the people is a risky faith in the Living God, Selbst God, in God as the antithesis of his institutionalized simulacrum – the Grand Inquisitor. The Grand Inquisitor Dostoevsky is the title that das Man is in the sphere of religion. Therefore, the religion of the people to be alive and authentic, but if it is religion Selbst.

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