UN finalising preparations for upcoming Syria peace talks | Xinhuanet

The UN Office of the Special Envoy for Syria said Friday that the final planning is underway to prepare the ground ahead of intra-Syria talks which was expected to kick off on Feb.23.

“The special envoy is putting the finishing touches on the participation of the Syrian parties in the initial round of intra-Syrian negotiations,” the special envoy’s spokesperson Yara Sharif told reporters.

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The talks in Astana | Colonel Cassad

Priority issues will be Wadi Barada and Eastern ghouta, as well as the observance of the cease-fire. The Syrians will probably require the delivery of heavy weapons and demarcation from “Al-Nusra”. The militants are likely to insist on a cessation of hostilities until the conclusion of specific agreements. As will be discussed questions of exchange of prisoners, release of prisoners in Syrian prisons, the total disengagement “moderate” and “immoderate”, ensuring that the humanitarian needs of civilians in zones of active combat.Global agreement on the post-war settlement is not expected.

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Logic | Colonel Cassad

The weapons are withdrawn, the bombing of Syria has not begun. But the desire to overthrow Assad is left. So the old closet opened and pulled the charges, which now and then not proven, the more that by 2015, weapons have officially been destroyed and the United States, even taking credit in its destruction, and the international organization under whose auspices was the elimination of the Syrian WMD, received a Nobel prize for it. The militants, which the US sponsored, have used a toxic substance against the Syrians and against the Kurds. The point of course the United States never cares and the militants continue to receive a range of support, including military. And of course no one is in any hurry to return the Nobel Prize. Because “logic”.

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UN announces agreement on 72-hour Yemen cease-fire | AP

The United Nations’ special envoy for Yemen says the warring parties in the Arab nation have agreed to a 72-hour cease-fire which will take effect just before midnight Wednesday.

A U.N. statement released Monday evening said Special Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed “welcomes the restoration of the Cessation of Hostilities, which will spare the Yemeni people further bloodshed and will allow for the expanded delivery of humanitarian assistance.”

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The negotiations in Lausanne | Colonel Cassad

USA can not and do not want to divide the fighters into moderate and not moderate, which is why Syria and Russia continue to arbitrarily bomb the militants, who consider it necessary, as they are mixed with the “Al-Nusra”, which the United States thus provides de facto cover.

Without the separation of militants into “Good” and “bad”, it is physically impossible to form an adequate subject of negotiations for an inter-Syrian settlement. Jihadists Assad for sure will not negotiate and he’s already made it clear that he intends to kill them, not converse with them. We will talk with sane, but go find them in the conglomerate of bearded men cutting head and sitting on foreign succor.

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