All loaded and ready for battle | Colonel Cassad



Trump said that us forces are charged and ready to strike at the DPRK, but he calculates that Kim Jong-UN will choose a different path.

China’s position on this score was expressed very specifically, though not through official sources China will not come to the aid of North Korea, if it is the first to launch rockets at the US, but in case of US attack on North Korea, China will come to the rescue and will not allow the overthrow of the regime of Kim Jong-UN.

In fact, the likelihood that North Korea would attack first, from my point of view is vanishingly small. All the aggressive rhetoric of the DPRK on the one hand directed to her from behind and stopped her threaten to overthrow the local regime. But in the second turn (assuming the likelihood that what is happening is a tricky game of China), this increase in rates down to unacceptable, to force the US to remove missile defense system of South Korea to stop provocations in the South China sea.Russia in any case have resulted in increased combat readiness of the air defense system in the far East and continues to make calls to the U.S. and North Korea to stop the escalation. Lavrov said that the risk of military conflict between the U.S. and North Korea are quite high. It is also worth noting that, according to information released today the new White House administration there is a discreet channel of communication with North Korean leadership, but that did not help current relationships between the United States and the DPRK.

The situation is indeed quite serious, as if to Kim instead of the usual swearing, trump will launch another missile, the US will be forced to either implement his threat, ever again loss of face. In this issue Kim retains the ability to drive trump in the corner, but whether it is North Korea or China?

On photos of American bombers B-1 Pacific command with support in the district of GUAM.

Cars permanently based in South Dakota and assigned to the 37th expeditionary bomb squadron.

During a recent exercise they practiced cooperation with the air forces of Japan.


Hypothetical scenario


DHHZAsQXoAAodtd.jpg large.jpeg

One of the hypothetical scenarios of military conflict between North Korea and USA/South Korea without addressing the issue with the launch of ICBMs with nuclear warheads or tactical nuclear missiles at Seoul, but also preventive strikes on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile infrastructure of the DPRK. Is not considered the nuclear option of war.

From North Korea are assumed offensive operations South of the 38th parallel. By the army of South Korea is assumed to be a deterrent, defensive and counteroffensive actions.

USA in are air strikes on military infrastructure of the DPRK and carry out the landing operation due to the forces deployed in Japan and South Korea. Discusses a hypothetical landing in Wonsan, with the support of CSG “Carl Vinson”.
On the other hand, does not explain the necessity of the invasion as there is alternative with nuclear strikes on Seoul using long-range artillery, MLRS and tactical missiles.

Not disclosed the question – who will start the war and what position will be occupied by China.

Overall, the scheme looks as a kind of rewriting of the events of the 1950-1953 Korean war, in a new historical and military-political realities.

All this is of course speculation, but they arise not just. Trump meeting with Macron confirmed that the US is ready for a military solution. The Russian foreign Ministry in turn stated that the probability of military conflict is high.
China continues to call on both sides to de-escalate. The German foreign Ministry went further and directly accused the U.S. and South Korea to provoke North Korea, calling the US policy is completely irresponsible.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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