Tillerson disappointed | Colonel Cassad




After the G20 in Kiev dropped Tillerson in order to reassure the frightened Kiev puppets who are terribly panicked about the fact that they are behind closed doors, can pass or something to exchange. Action is needed, even amid the ongoing attempts by the White House to convince his political opponents that “trump is not an agent of the Kremlin” via funny stories about what “trump asked Putin – it’s not you helped me become President?” Tillerson after arrival and to the negotiations said that to pass them is not going to, at least for now, than immediately sparked a flood of oil in the Ukrainian media, for which there is no greater happiness than the tender eyes of the owner.

Thus was read the traditional mantra about what “the Minsk agreement is, but progress is not in them, but they have to perform, but we don’t know how.” Overall, the US is just stamped his former position, where the disagreements with Russia as before, rested in a different reading of the same points of the Minsk agreements. And if I read and understand differently, and progress is not natural.

It is difficult to say what is expected of the new US plenipotentiary representative for Ukraine, it is obviously a transfer-communicative link in the relations between Washington and Moscow. Previously, this role played Nuland, now it was replaced by Volcker. Nuland and Volker are not sympathizers of the Russian Federation and are, in fact, representatives of those circles who stood for organizing a coup d’état in Ukraine. It is extremely unlikely that the replacement of personalities here will affect something, because the contradictions here are of a strategic and ideological nature.

Arrogant demands to give the Crimea extended through the OSCE PA great show that Ukraine remains a strategic deadlock, as the extension is obviously impossible demands, reflects a complete unwillingness to compromise options. In view of this, the parties will strive to more actively develop the Syrian topic because unlike the Ukraine where it is possible to achieve at least minimal progress in mutual relations and significant results in the realization of their goals.Ukraine for this is now not the most suitable place that will condition the continuation of the ongoing sluggish trench warfare in the Donbass with periodic bloodletting, and the continuing statements about what “the Minsk agreement is no alternative”. Given the fact that the elections are now almost gone from the flow of information, soon to expect their migration in the fall, and there to winter close.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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