The completion of the operation “shield of the Euphrates” | Colonel Cassad

In General, the operation “shield of the Euphrates” despite some understatement, was a success in Turkey that the price is acceptable military and political losses, were able in practice to make a serious reversal of its policy and start correcting the mistakes that have produced Erdogan, in 2011-2016 years when persisting in their attempts to overthrow Assad at any cost, he put the Turkey and his own regime on the brink of disaster. Of course, this operation was coordinated with Russia and Iran – Turkey has allowed to achieve the above objectives, in exchange for the correction of its foreign policy in the region and the services needed for the capture of Aleppo and the release of a number of enclaves.

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Syrian shield and Shield of the Euphrates | Colonel Cassad

The Kurdish problem in its sharpness is on par with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And the resolution fought and beat dozens of politicians around the world. Was no exception in Syria. By March 2017 near the city of al-Bab faced the interests of Turkey, Russia, Syria and the Kurds. That immediately led to deadly clashes of troops, “Shield of the Euphrates” with the Kurdish self-defense. With the support of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting parties, the Syrian military entered the Kurdish territory and took its place on the border of West Manbij.

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Euphrates shield. 6 months later | Colonel Cassad

The maps clearly demonstrate that the issue of the expulsion of the Caliphate from Northern Syria was dependent on the good will of Turkey, which after they stop their dalliances with the Caliphate and ran across to the camp of the Russian-Iranian coalition, helped to push the “black” from the Syrian-Turkish border. Of course, this was not done out of altruistic reasons, and in the framework of countering the threat of establishing an independent Kurdistan.

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