The question of forming a new political elite | Anton Bryukov

The new elite must meet simultaneously the criteria of subjectivity and independence, and to be focused on the interests of the state. This combination is only possible if there is simultaneously the development of personality, which has remained true to the civilization. This is the principle of freedom in Ministry. Elite definitely needs to be a representative of the people’s identity to be the expression of the ideas and aspirations of the people, and to understand and accept the values and the cultural code of the people. Potential candidates of the new elite must belong to any of traditional religions, without this man can not be considered a part of the Eurasian elites.

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Alexander Dugin: Sooner or later the river will flow back

To return to the monarchy is how to turn the tide of the river. But remember — when Christ came to be baptized in the Jordan, the water stopped from the terror of the appearance of deity. The restoration of the monarchy in Russia requires the same horror of our social self-awareness. We need to stay rooted to the spot in front of the greatness of this sacred monarchical ideas, and to retreat, and to turn from former ways.

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Dugin’s Guideline – The new monarch of Thailand

You may recall that between the Thai monarchy and the Russian monarchy traditionally had very close ties. After all, the Russian monarchy was in its sacral roots, only in a different, Christian sense. But in our Orthodox tradition, the monarch, the king has the spiritual metaphysical significance. He is also the guarantor of the metaphysical religious legitimacy of the political system. Even the official national anthem of Thailand was written in 1888, Russian composer Surowski. So far it is the anthem of the Royal house of Thailand and sounds today during the ascent to the throne of the new Thai monarch. His coronation is held under Russian music.

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