The Eurasian Movement: an interview with Leonid Savin – Part 1 | Pravda

With us this time is Leonid Savin, Moscow State University, for a long interview as member of the Eurasian Movement, founded by the philosopher Alexandr Dugin and his close associate. Dr. Savin is the author of several books about the main issues of geopolitics and recently participated as moderator for a panel discussion at the Russian Parliament on, among other things, patriotic education and falsification of History.

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Aleksandr Dugin: Inside the Kremlin’s ideology |

How close are you with Putin?

“It’s hard to say, I am not so close to the President as some think, but many ideas that I expressed in philosophy, politics, have influenced many including Putin. It should not be exaggerated, although it is true that there was a genuine influence on my ideas to the President. Ideas have one of their own destiny and can influence policy logic and history. Ideas are living entities and can find many ways to reach people. The problem with the West is precisely this, is that no longer believes in the idea, that in the West is no longer recognized. “

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