Anthropological moment in human history | ALEXANDER DUGIN

1. What is the most important geopolitical development that is taking place these days? (related to Russia).

Russia keeps moving to the main goal: affirmation and defense of its sovereignty in the context of multipolar world. That is based not only on realist vision of International Relations (against liberal approach and internationalism/pacifism World Government agenda), but as well on great space theory that promotes regional integration (instead of global unification) based on the community of civilization. That is the main strategic plan of Putin that he manages to put into reality with growing success. The personal relations with Trump, the victories in Syria, the remarkable capacity of Russian economy to endures the sanctions without being broken, the strength of Russian-Shia alliance in Middle East, the new strategic coordination with Turkey, the growing role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the success in Eurasian Union, the the firm grip on Crimea and the control over Russian/Donbass borders by pro-Russian Republics of Novorossia – all that are moments of reality check that testify the concrete achievements of Putin’s Russia. The continuing “Russian hackers scandal” and accusations of Trump-Russian connection are the symbol of new role of Russian as global power recovering from the knock-dawn of Gorbachov/Yeltsin era. They hate Putin, they fear Putin, but they recognize by this hatred and fear that Russia is back again. And little by little the growing number of people through the whole world is beginning to love Putin precisely for the same reasons why the other hate and fear him. Putin’s Russia is clear alternative for liberal globalist world vision and for unipolar world under direct Western domination. So Russia is becoming the source of inspiration for all alt-movements – alt-right as well as alt-left. It is the main meaning of where we are with Russia now. If you are globalist you blame that accepting it with minus sign. If you are not (and that is today legitimate – thanks to Putin and to Trump as well taken into the account his critics of Swamp) you enjoys it with plus sign. But everybody is invited today to use that new multipolar factor for personal interests – playing for or against it. Putin reanimating Russia has created the premises for the multipolarity. And he has done that not only for Russia – every people, State of civilization can use it for its own purposes or fight it on the side of globalists.
So new world is being born under our eyes. And Russia is if not creator but at least midwife of it.

2. Where, in your opinion, can things develop in the coming months on this geopolitical issue? The main challenges in coming months

1. Relations between Putin and Trump. Now they are established and are relatively good – because Trump is winning the political battle inside USA and is becoming more strong and independent in his politics. But there is huge opposition to Trump in the American Deep State that tries and certainly will try more in coming months to undermine Trump position. So here there are provocations and false flag operation can happen.

2. Syrian conflict. It is approaching to its end with the end of the USA unconditional help to ISIS and Al-Qaeda and its strong anti-Assad stand. Military Russia and Assad have almost won and if USA will not be on the opposite side the conflict can be easily (relatively) ended. There are many problematic issues that should be handled in coming months in Syria – the solution for Sunni Arab southern territories, the Kurdish – Turkish hostilities in the Nord, the logistic of the return of the refugees and so on but essentially the war is over and there are winners – Assad, Russia, Iran, Iraq and relatively Turkey. There are losers too – Saudia Arabia and interventionists in American establishment (before Trump), called Swamp or Obama-Hillary gang. But every end of the conflict creates new balance of power and new actors not satisfied with status quo appear. So the end (rather ending) of one problem is at the same time the beginning of other.

Because I am interested first of all by geopolitics I stop here.

3. Any other thoughts?

More general consideration of the future. The mankind is approaching the singularity moment when Artificial Intellect will equal or more strong to the human one. Technically it is almost done and quantum computer and the progress in the neuro-networks is amazing. So we need to concentrate once more on the deep anthropology, on the question what is human? What that means now? And specially in front of Artificial Intelligence. That is the main challenge. The Artificial Intelligence and post-humanism (aka trans-humanism) is the logical step in the ideological triumph of liberal ideology based on the identification of human being with individual. The main formula of liberalism is: the human = the individual. That is the ideological foundation of gender politics. And the shift to cyborgs, chimeras and AI-dominated world is logical consequence of such formula. The process of liberation of the human individual  from all traces of collective identity has reach its ultimate point. But to be human is the same as to share collective identity with other human. In the liberal individualist liberal sight it should be optional – as in the case of gender, nation, religion, race and so on. So today gay-pride – tomorrow robot-pride. This approaching moment obliges us to rethink what is human in coming years and months. If liberal individualist anthropology is right, so well – welcome to Singularity and let’s accelerate its coming. But if we are not happy with Matrix-fiction becoming the reality it is not enough to pull the brake or slow dawn a bit. We need to recognize that the main direction was wrong and we should better return to the crossroad where all that liberal mess has begun. It is extremely difficult to do because the liberalism, progressism and the individualism have become second nature for Western and Western educated Eastern people. But there is no middle way solution. It is too late.

I think that Putin, Trump and presence of conservative trends in Europe are the signs of growing concern about post-humanization of the humanity inscribed in the globalization and liberalization as necessary results. So what is human? There is anthropological moment in human history – next months and next years.

Interview publishes in Israeli newspaper Epoch Times

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  1. modern pphilosophy intelligence is the ability to solve problems. animal and computer are inteligent. traditional philosophy inteligence is the ability to manipulate concepts. animal and computer are not inteligent

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