Russia and Romania | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Moreover, I must admit that “Noomachia”, the work that I am currently engaged in is a continuation of the work that was interrupted by the premature death of Ioan P. Couliano. Before he was killed in the US, he developed a model of noology, what he called mindgames, in which he set the task – he, the Romanian, and in this, in my opinion, the entire Romanian spirit, the entire Romanian philosophy! He set the task to study the sacred ideas of the East and the West, continuing the line of Eliade, and to build on their basis a certain conceptual dictionary of civilizations. Thus, some basic plots, paradigms will explain to us the culture of the most diverse peoples, religions, and societies. Part of this line was continued by Mr. Badescu (Ilie Bădescu) in his “Nologia”.

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