Alexander Latsa: on the future of Europe | Katehon

Well I think that the election of Trump first means it is possible to oppose the global agenda planned by the oligarchy using the existing rigged political system. This was I guess the main surprise for everybody especially in European countries. This is also a clear defeat for a global and increasing power: the Mainstream Media Corporation that did its maximum to make so that Hillary Clinton win this battle. After the Brexit, Trump … It’s now getting more and more obvious for everybody that they lie and will lie and lie to protect their own interest, far from the interest of the people.

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So the stupid secret encrypted ring app doesn’t work after this last update, and I have permission from center to just write this shit up, because we are so far along that this whole secrecy thing is now pointless anyway. Brexit woke them up, and the really spectacular failure of their desperate coup attempt in turkey is pushing them into open panic.

SO here is the Sunday intelligence report on the success of the PUTIN CONSPIRACY:

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Dugin’s Guideline – Kerry’s Tour of Tbilisi

Why the US activity in the area of our direct strategic interests? There are several reasons. After Brexit there is a clear weakening of the Atlanticists – with all the pressure from Washington, the British withdrew from the EU and weaken Europe’s Anglo-Saxon influence. This strengthens the position of continental European forces, and, most importantly, it again underscores the importance of Russia as an alternative pole. It becomes obvious to all. Therefore, the Americans began to fuss and began to carry out an audit of its anti-Russian vassals – as if they did not succumb to the tranquil charm of a sovereign Russia. Moreover, the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker that an alien civilization is extremely disappointed with the EU, has finally demonstrated: the European Union, with its tolerance for Mcdonalds and other satanic perversions has finally lost the last vestiges of rationality and become really scary.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Delicate Escape: Brexit

To cut the long story short, let us skip trivial euroscepticism, though it is justified by the circumstances, and rather focus on another productive project – fundamental geopolitical reform of the European Union. Today – on a conservative basis. This shall not be Europe ruled by Soros, gay parades, and bankers, but a highly spiritual, cultural, and ethical community. Russia could be actively engaged in building true traditional Europe, reviving its Greek and Roman heritage – just like we did in Palmyra where we protected the ancient city against hordes of fanatical barbarians. Many European cities also need liberation and we can help. Just as we did many times with the Russian Cossack horses’ hooves treading the roads of Berlin and Paris.

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Brexit: Europe is falling into the abyss | Alexander Dugin

I do not think it is possible to return to nation states, as it was in Europe under the Westphalian system. We are talking about something else. No one will allow a Europe in the same condition that it was before the beginning of the integration process to exist. I think we can see further very scary processes for Europe, a real civil war. As the British are out of the EU, but they are not out of the migration policy crisis, which will continue to attack, it is not out of ultraliberal values.

In my opinion, the British did not suffer much from Europe. Yes, they did not like some things. In fact, the EU without England is a different European Union now. If it would be preserved without England, if it began to move towards truly continental European interests, it would have a chance. But this will not simply happen.

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