Operation “Dune” | Colonel Cassad




Operation “Dune”

Some aspects of the military operation by the French military in Africa:

1. Over the past year the market for the of supply of weapons to Africa has changed, if earlier, the American satellites of Saudi Arabia and Jordan were the only market for American weapons, due to the development of the war in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, the Saudis and the Jordanians have become more independent players and now they buy weapons from the manufacturer and then sell them to “the needy”. The same way went to Egypt and Iran. This has led to repartition of the market of the supply of arms, and if before the main intermediary was considered France, providing 2/3 of Africa, but now they remained only in Western Africa from Mali and ivory Coast.

2. On Syria, the whole hodgepodge – from Americans to Russia, Yemen, Iran, China, and again the Saudis. In Iraq are the Americans, the Jordanians and Iran. In Libya, the main market for Egypt and Israel:

Izrailskoe weapon in the LDF

Egyptian technique in Benghazi


Plus in the “competitive” fight a big scandal on the supply of French arms on the line Suhali sounded in the British press “Channels of arms supplies to Africa http://centercigr.livejournal.com/2186.html“, where the most appropriate version may be the order of the Saudis. And here is the response of the French http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3375742.htmlwhere the illuminated Bulgarian channel on the Saudis.

In fact, in the gun war in the North and East of Africa, the French lost. So the full current channel to France continues Mali. With the advent of the Makron has been an intensification of the military mission “Dunes”, in Mali, thrown additional forces. Mirotvorit there by and large nothing, the main purpose, in my opinion the strengthening of the channel arms supplies and influence in West Africa.

An exemplary diagram of the transfer of arms from Mali in the zone of military conflict:


Here, the main countries that buy weapons via Mali and an assessment of their military capability the French:

a photo report about the operation Barkhan in Mali:

http://centercigr.livejournal.com/6063.html – zinc















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