The assault on Sirte is over | Colonel Cassad

Having overwhelming superiority in men and materiel, with the support of the special forces of Britain, France and Italy, as well as American military aid, troops from Tripoli and Misrata picked out militants from the coastal districts with the speed of a turtle, but before Sirte has been cut off, the bulk of the fighters had left and the defense held up to thousands of militants who for almost six months kept a piece of the city from the superior forces of the enemy.

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The Assault On Sirte. A month later | Colonel Cassad

As in Syria, Iraq, the main obstacle for the attack were bombers, mines and snipers. Due to the fact that the vast majority of the local corps of extremely low quality and in fact are semi-legal gangs warring about the same as 5 years ago against Qaddafi, to carry out the assault of the city of science it is extremely difficult. Take account of the numerical superiority and sporadic support from the special operations forces of NATO countries, so the ring slowly but inevitably shrinks.

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