The Syrian Arab Army (2) | Oryx Blog

With the Syrian Ministry of Defense finally having embraced 21st century media technology, it now regularly uploads high-definition images on both its official website and twitter account. Despite this ‘giant’ leap forward, the Syrian MoD still only communicates to the outside world in Arabic, thereby excluding a large audience that could otherwise be interested in reading or viewing the MoD’s statements on ongoing battles in the Syrian theatre. Nonetheless, the images published provide for a perfect opportunity for another ‘Photo Report’.

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Master Kornet | Colonel Cassad

From Syria report that the fighting in Western ghouta, the Syrian army repelled a counterattack armored group of fighters consisting of several tanks T-55 and T-62 and BMP-1 and trucks. At the same time, one of the operators of the “Kornets” was able to personally burn 2 tanks and 1 BMP and 1 truck with ZU-23 + 2 more destroyed by his colleagues.

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