Kalashnikov light firearms give Russia’s special forces new options

At the Army 2016 Forum the Kalashnikov Concern presented a series of new light small firearms for the Russian army, the National Guard and the FSB. In the words of Andrei Kirisenko, advisor to Kalashnikov’s general director, the new RPK-16 hand machine gun can even be used as a sniper’s weapon.

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“Kalashnikov” in the fifth generation | BMPD

Soon the Russian army will be joining the machines of new generation: A-545 or AK-12. Completed testing the new sniper rifles SVDM. Under a new army equipment of the “Warrior” created bicaliber weapons systems. Developed a cartridge caliber 8.6 mm.

The best samples of Russian machine guns, pistols and ammunition were shown at the largest exhibition of small arms in the United States. About novelties and new trends in Armory the fashion of the “Russian newspaper” said the Executive Director of the Union of armourers of Russia, head of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov.

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