Interview with the designer of the Armata T-14

— Will the “Armata” go into production in 2017?

— It is possible. But I want to stress that this machine is not for conscripts, and for the professionals that will absorb all the possibilities of this machine. Next year we plan to show in the dynamics at the arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. There we will show its capabilities in the dynamics and in shooting.

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Russian armored vehicles in the fight against ISIL |

The Syrian armed forces are equipped with Russian tanks. Where our BMP-1, which itself has long been well established, working tanks T-55, T-72. And recent events in Syria demonstrate the reliability, durability and a high level of the combat effectiveness of armored and other vehicles. There were cases, when on the tank T-90 was more than 13 hits of modern means of destruction, but the tank has retained its fighting capability.Our tanks on the device is quite simple, hope to use and possess modern means of destruction which are capable of destroying any opponent that actually shows the T-90 in Syria. No wonder sales of this tank in recent times has increased. Buy it countries in the Middle East, Algeria, India. This again confirms the high combat efficiency of our technology

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