The massacre of pilgrims in Egypt | Colonel Cassad

At least 26 people were killed and 30 were injured in the shelling of two carrying Christian pilgrims buses near the monastery of St. Samuel in the Egyptian province of Minya. About this informed the official representative of the Ministry of health of Egypt. Meanwhile, according to several sources, the number of victims of the attack reached 35.

Most of the dead were children. This is reported by news portal Al-Ahram, citing representatives of the Coptic Church. According to them, in one of the buses were about 40 young Egyptians, in the second driving adults.

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The crisis in Mindanao | Colonel Cassad

The crisis around Marawi in the Philippines continues to develop, where militants of the Caliphate launched a massive attempt to move from pre-territorial control to the open construction of the Islamic State in the territory of the Philippines on the designs of Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Accumulating power in the jungle and mountains (under arms from the militants, according to different estimates is from 900 to 2,200) some of which are concentrated in the district of Marawi, and part of the adjacent territories and Islands.

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ISIS ambushes the Philippine Army south of Marawi | AMN

With fierce clashes ongoing in the contested Philippine city of Marawi, ISIS militants destroyed a handful of armored vehicles in its southern countryside on Thursday and also burned down an army barracks in the area.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Army sent a fresh batch of reinforcements to Marawi to replenish its ranks after some 80 government troops have been killed since Tuesday

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A raid on the Khanasser-Aleppo road | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday, the Caliphate launched a traditional raid on the Khanasser-Aleppo road. Mobile groups of fighters moving to the North from Itria were able to take a few half-backs and roadblocks, plunder some booty and short to reach the outskirts of the road. Traditionally, the militants were able to achieve tactical surprise. However, due to the insignificance of the forces that were involved in the RAID, unlike previous invasions, which created operational difficulties for Aleppo group of the SAA, the activity of the Caliphate is purely tactical in nature and does not change the overall bleak trend for them in the strategic situation East of Aleppo.

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The last Bastion | Colonel Cassad

The Iraqi army and security forces in recent weeks, gave up trying to RAM the defense of these neighborhoods from the South that led to large losses, and methodically took the blocks to the North of the old town near the river, gradually narrowing the encirclement. Now comes the hard part – the Stripping of the old town, which promises to be very bloody, given the fact that the militants are not willing to give up.

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