The battle for Mosul. It’s been six months | Colonel Cassad

Overall, the painful removal of the militants in Mosul will take some time, and of course not without more losses. But in the end Iraq and it will survive, but for the Caliphate the loss of the of Mosul will be a terrible blow, and it’s not only the value of the city, which administratively has long been cut off from the Caliphate and its quasi-state system is actually isolated.The fact that after Stripping the city and district of tal afar, released a large number of troops that will be used for operations in Western Iraq that promises in the second half of 2017 big problems for the Iraqi parts of the Caliphate. So fighters can certainly amuse themselves by bragging about the losses of the Iraqis and the company, but it only underlines a simple truth – the Caliphate as a quasi-state structure will suffer inevitable defeat, crushed by superior opponents, but the way will be a long and blood will be shed fairly. The battle for Mosul is more than demonstrated. On the order of Raqqa.

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Baghdadi captured? | Colonel Cassad

If Baghdadi was really caught, it is a great success – everything is as if in 1945 near Berlin caught a live Hitler.

However, I think we should wait for official statements from our or the Syrian intelligence services. It is possible that this is another element of the information war against the Caliphate in order to undermine the morale of fighters who stubbornly continue to defend the Western part of Mosul.

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The main operational Directorate of the General staff: Military situation in Syria on 11.04.2017 | Colonel Cassad

The results of the research in January of 2017 was submitted to the OPCW by the national authority Syria responsible for the implementation of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

We have carefully analysed the available materials in mass media with accusations of Syrian government use of chemical weapons in the village of Khan shaykhun, Idlib province.

Their authenticity is questionable, and not only to us. Many reputable experts and organizations tend to agree about the fabricated nature of the video.

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