In Ancient belief included in life, life-in faith, both merged together, in a coherent system of “domestic confession”; the organic part of this “household of confession” was and state ideology, which, like everything in Russian life, was inseparable from the religious worldview.

N. N. Troubetzkoy


1. Geopolitics as the operating system

As a geopolitical reality reflected in the political life of modern Russia? What are the ways of development of Eurasian trends in the near future? When looking at these problems it is necessary to constantly keep in mind that the geopolitical trends do not always strictly coincide with specific political forces or individual figures. They can be distributed and work through completely unexpected factors and different personalities in various sectors the political palette.

Geopolitics and its laws affects political life not straight – party, a lobby or a complete political doctrine, but indirectly, as background, as context, as a set objective (external and internal) factors.

The basic programming language largely determines the structure of the programs written on it and use it. Geopolitics and there is such a basic language operating system derivatives of which are specific political doctrines and positions.

Very often the participants of the political process tend to attribute the impact of this background, underlying the geopolitical system of conventional historical chance, coincidence or Unpredictable turn of events. Really business, geopolitical logic has its complete structure, its own laws. Therefore, for the geopolitics of natural and self-evident it seems the fact that “just politics” seems to be the case, “surprise” or rock.

But if the basis of computer language binary code is 1 – 0, the geopolitical the system operates with a different couple: Eurasianism – Atlanticism, land – sea, continent island.

So how does a basic pair of “Eurasian impulse – Atlanticist impulse” the picture of political life that we received after the December elections and the resignation of Boris Yeltsin?

2. The Eurasian momentum

Eurasian impulse acts in modern Russia also objectively and consistently as he did always, throughout Russian history, at different phases to put it differently. Moreover, in the unity of geopolitical the Eurasian vector is axial reality, uniting between such distant phenomena as Kievan Rus, Muscovy, Romanov Russia or the Soviet Union. On the face of the difference of worldviews socio-political models, cultural and national context. And Eurasian beginning clearly distinguishable everywhere under external forms, in which the Russians realize themselves historically. It is the geopolitics, Eurasianism is the universal language of our national identity, to which reduced other forms of our consciousness and expression. Though often this is realized either very dimly or not at all understood.

The Eurasian momentum is the Unit of our system, our the positive pole of historical existence, our Truth and our Light in contrast to the Atlanticist Zero, the pole of falsehood and Nenashev darkness.

Characteristically, it looks exactly like the picture, but with the opposite the estimated sign, draw and the most consistent and insightful strategists West, geopolitics-Atlanticists. Either / or. We did not devise these rules. in them were embodied some unknown for the ordinary small mind mystery historical predetermination.

This is a basic law of geopolitics, whether we like it or not.

3. Eurasia as the common denominator

In Russia today there is no single party or force that can no end to realize its Eurasian mission to declare himself as a clear leader of Eurasianism. But at the same time all over the political variety parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties and movements many deliberately or semi-conscious appeal to the Eurasian idea, often, however, featuring her thesis “state,” “patriotism,” “dominant” etc. The reference to geopolitics and the Eurasian idea in the official documents The Communist party and in the lyrics of Gennady Zyuganov. However, to appeal to the same realities characteristic of Vladimir Putin, the newly created blockThe “unity”. The thesis of the strategic triangle Moscow-Delhi-Beijing (voiced once Primakov) and the thesis of the Yeltsin-Putin about the “multipolar world” is nothing but a direct expression of the Eurasian idea on the strategic level.

Elements (sometimes conflicting) of Eurasianism have OVR Primakov-Luzhkov but there is also the liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. At the time, to Eurasianism treated and other as openly Pro-government (Popov, Stankevich, Lobov, Skokov, etc.) and extreme opposition forces (FNS, NPSR etc.).

The Eurasian momentum in the most General sense is expressed as awareness of continuity modern Russia to the earlier stages of Russian history, confidence in the existence in Russia of its special cultural and civilizational path, and in an effort to expand and strengthen the strategic area of our continental presence.

The factors pushing different politicians to Eurasianism, not reduced only to their subjective preferences, to their national sympathies, to arbitrary patriotism. To that objectively fail internal external factors. The inner – psychology of the people, formed as a Eurasian community with all the consequences and instinctive sympathetic sovereign line in politics, in whatever form it is manifested.

From the outside constantly doing the opposite of the hostile geopolitical pulses due to political, ideological, economic and strategic pressure Atlanticist camp that makes responsible statesmen (and ordinary people, really faced with the West) are reluctant to take a critical in respect of his position.

The West is committed to its geopolitical Atlanticist logic, its pole encoded geopolitical operaitonal system, which perfectly understands and from which he never retreats. Thus, its permanent unidirectional and pressure it will force the Russian leadership, before or late beginners to tire of such a dictatorship, to take the opposite geopolitical position. And this is Eurasianism, “a multipolar world” etc.

Whatever party and clan interests may be guided by Russian politicians of the new century, the overall center of gravity will remain for them is a Eurasian axisthat coincides with our national the courtlboy that embodies continuity, connection of times, land and deep psychological archetypes.

Any responsible Russian politician, loyal to his country, or “already Eurasian” or “not yet realized Eurasian”.

4. Public consensus on the geopolitical based

In normal case, the Russian state needs to be totally based on the Eurasian platform, and adherence to this geopolitical reality may not, under any circumstances, be called into question to become a subject of discussion. All parties and movements, no matter what program they would have put forward, just required to be Eurasianlike as equally Atlanticist are allparty and movements in the countries of the modern West and especially the USA. Atlanticism and Republicans and Democrats differ only in the definition of methods for achievements common to both, the recognized goal of world domination USA (wider, Western civilization, civilization of the Sea) have all ostalnymi lands and peoples of the earth, in the first place, over Eurasia.

Similarly (but, of course, with the opposite sign, placing at the forefront Russia, Watson, the Eurasian civilization) would have to do and all party of Russia, in agreement with each other to achieve a common Eurasian goal, but offering different methods of achieving it.

However, today Russia is experiencing the complicated process of changing identity paradigms. The Soviet modelin which the Eurasian impulse expressed in the last century of Russian history, changes on some other, not yet end formulated, developed, informed device. And while it is unclear what final form will the new national-state the organization of our political and historical existence.

Injuries of the collapse of the Soviet structure gave rise to a transitional, but very dangerous the phenomenon of national self-denial, defeatism, and the readiness to abandon our identity. This is especially scary manifested in the first years of reforms, when the absurd, from the point of view of geopolitics, “Russian atlantism”, “Russophobia” and “Pro-Americanism” became almost the normal state system and “political correctness”. This “Westernizing” eyes crashing all the reformist forces that want to remain in politics, Willy-nilly, are now forced to turn – at least outwardly – to the “Patriotic” the rhetoric, albeit to surrogate and fake, but the “Eurasianism”. But all the self-destructive inertia of the transition period is stillbig and so the final reduction of the whole of political life in the framework of the Eurasian the paradigm of to be.

In such a transitional situation (and especially given the departure from the political arena Boris Yeltsin, who symbolically represented the least successful, katastroficheski entirely destructive destructive period of the reformation) on the agenda may be the question of the creation of a special EURASIAN PLATFORM which would combine in itself the representatives of different parliamentary and non-parliamentary political and social structures.

The EURASIAN PLATFORM could become a kind of area consent all responsible political forces in our society, the center of Waimakariri the most serious aspects of political activity. Under the auspices of this The EURASIAN PLATFORM could unite in the name of statehood and right and left, the socialists and the marketeers who agree with the main postulate:any political differences should not lead the destabilization of the Russian State, to undermine its security to weaken our strategic and civilizational sovereignty, to violate social stability in society.

The formation of the EURASIAN PLATFORM would first marginalize, then to isolate and later, to finally overcome those political segments Russian society, which is completely free from loyalty to our people, our state, being ready to sacrifice personal, party or clan interests, the fundamental values of Russia as an independent the subject of history.

Before the presidential election EURASIAN PLATFORM could be the instance to prevent the political struggle in the destructive, anti-state action. For example, due to the fact that the elections are held in conditions of war, could be installed on a moratorium on criticism of government and the power departments with abstract pacifist, a ban on “propaganda of defeatism”.

Leaders, social projects, economic programs, political slogans and the charters are free to compete in parliamentary and other forms. But no serious political figure or party, claiming the responsibility should not go beyond such a EURASIAN PLATFORM.

The EURASIAN PLATFORM, it would be logical to join the “Unity”, the Communist party, OVR, LDPR, the agrarians, groups “Regions of Russia”, many independent the deputies and the leaders of SPS and Yabloko, which would confirm the solidarity with the fate of the Motherland, formally abandoning the erstwhile “Atlanticist illusions or delusions.”

Analytical instrument of the EURASIAN PLATFORM might be “The center for Geopolitical Expertise”, working simultaneously with the Administration President, Russian Government, Federation Council and State Duma. This centre could perform the functions of objective evaluation of large-scale economic, social and political projects and initiatives based on global geopoliticheskikh interests of the Russian State, regardless of rank and on the face tracking, does a particular plan or project harm geopolitics of the country.

5. The Birth Of The National Idea

In the normal State the need for the EURASIAN PLATFORM will disappear itself, since Civilizational loyalty to and the geopolitical identity of Russia will also be implied. But at this stage the need in this form of social cohesion and consolidation is clearly on the face, especially many historical barriers to implementing such initiatives disappeared, and today, more than ever, this structure could serve as for the benefit of society.

In addition, the EURASIAN platform as it is impossible to accurately correspond to the underlying political reality required to develop a new model Russian national Idea, to bring to a common denominator of the projects and plans that offer all the political forces, sincerely devoted to Russia, but not as “simple State”, “one..”, but as special civilization, unique strategic, cultural, and spiritual the continent.

The national Idea can not be born in any one movement, can not to be formulated by a single author or group of authors. It is from the living womb of national history. But certain public institutions are quite capable to help her be born, free and sovereign.

EURASIAN platform would be the perfect tool to achieve this purpose.

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