What if God is a Troll? | The Mendacity of N. Wahid Azal

In early November 2016 Counterpunch published another mendacious and unsourced hit piece from N. Wahid Azal, entitled “Sufism in the service of Empire: The Case of the Maryamiyyah”, in which he alleged without evidence of any kind that Alexander Dugin is in league with the Maryamiyya Order, and that the Maryamiyya murdered Rene Guenon. Now if Wahid had simply stuck to Alexander Dugin, he could have told any lie he wished and gotten away with it, as our pretend-Left has not the slightest shred of intellectual integrity. The “fearless voice of the American Left” is afraid of lawyers however, so his highly actionable accusations against the Maryamiyya were a bridge too far, and then (in true form) Wahid started an extremely nasty fight with his only source, Mark Kolsow, who sent counterpunch an email and the article was taken down.

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