Storm Marawi. 08.06 | Colonel Cassad

In Mindanao continues the assault of Marawi. Pulling additional reinforcements, including a large number of armored vehicles, in recent days the army and police have made significant progress, freed from the militants of the Caliphate part of the city.

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Fighting in Marawi 31.05 | Colonel Cassad

In the city, fighting continued. The army can’t crush the resistance fighters.
For the week, according to official figures in the city killed 89 rebels. The city continues to gather strength of the regular army (for the last 3 days to the city deployed 150 units of various equipment and several thousand soldiers, in addition to the operations involved 8-10 helicopters and a few planes) , which gradually tighten the ring around the main forces of the militants entrenched in a dense residential area. Army during the same period, lost about 70-80 people. About 2,000 residents of Marawi are still virtually held hostage by the militants.

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Fighting in Marawi | Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the situation in Marawi, captured by the Philippine branch of the Caliphate. Fighting in the city are already the 6th day, the army, even with reinforcements, cannot completely suppress the DAESH fighters despite the airstrikes and the use of armored vehicles. The Philippine army continues to urgently increase the grouping in Mindanao. Along the way, Duterte turned to the rebels, the Maoists, who does not recognize the government in Manila, asking the Maoists to the fight against the Caliphate. What was said by the followers of Mao Zedong – not reported. So Duterte demanded from the military to intensify air strikes against militants.

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The crisis in Mindanao | Colonel Cassad

The crisis around Marawi in the Philippines continues to develop, where militants of the Caliphate launched a massive attempt to move from pre-territorial control to the open construction of the Islamic State in the territory of the Philippines on the designs of Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Accumulating power in the jungle and mountains (under arms from the militants, according to different estimates is from 900 to 2,200) some of which are concentrated in the district of Marawi, and part of the adjacent territories and Islands.

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ISIS ambushes the Philippine Army south of Marawi | AMN

With fierce clashes ongoing in the contested Philippine city of Marawi, ISIS militants destroyed a handful of armored vehicles in its southern countryside on Thursday and also burned down an army barracks in the area.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Army sent a fresh batch of reinforcements to Marawi to replenish its ranks after some 80 government troops have been killed since Tuesday

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