Star of an Invisible Empire | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Jean Parvulesco sees in himself not a literary figure, but the herald of this Invisible Empire (his last book is called “Star of an Invisible Empire), speaker of the occult Parliament, consisting of the planetary elite of the “awakened.” His personality doubles, triples, quadruples in characters of his novels, among which the author himself has a place, along with his doubles, occult duplicates, and real historical personalities, other-worldly shades, shells of “external twilight,” “nominal demons,” secret agents of occult special services.

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PUTIN TRUMP CONSPIRACY SITREP: The Battle of the Conspiracy Theories

The Trump strategy is devastating. First, Trump addicted the entire media to “Trump Scandal” clickbait stories. Now he has completely turned that bitch out. In one of the greatest Mack games of all time, Trump has the whores in the Liberal media turning tricks for him. Rachel Maddow thinks she is sucking Joe McCarthy’s dick in a filthy urinal for Hillary, but in reality she is sucking it for Trump!

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Putin Trump Conspiracy SITREP

-Snowden has released the cryptokey Operation Apocalypse is now active!

-I trolled Glen Beck!

-Operation Chapo Trap House has been tearing it up

-Orbital microwave ray deployed against Glenn beck

-The mind control Biochip is out of Beta, they even got the Bluetooth function to work on Mike Pence . Our Primordial Father of the eternal abyss got the Skype connected and he can now speak directly to Trump through Pence.

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Turkey: Battle of the Conspiracy theories | Akira

Whatever actually happened during the coup, we can observe in the clashing conspiracy theories evidence of a profound transformation. The “Evil Dictator” role in the western propaganda narrative has now been taken over by Erdogan, who has displaced Putin as the enemy of freedom. Erdogan is responding in kind by blaming the United States. In other words the NATO alliance is visibly collapsing and Turkey is turning in a new direction.

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