The Surrender Of Qaboun | Colonel Cassad

May definitely continues to make a good news from the Syrian front. Yesterday was liberated airbase Jirah. Today, the SAA took the district Qaboun in Damascus after extremely bloody, multi-week battles. In recent weeks, the position of the rebels became absolutely unbearable, so they were forced to agree to a standard scheme, with the export of those surviving to Idlib. Thus another enclave in the heart of Damascus abolished, and Assad continuing to adhere to “national reconciliation strategy”, continues busily to expand the controlled territory.

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Syria. 22.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad

The Syrian army continues to develop the successful attack East of Aleppo. One group comes along the banks of the Euphrates to the administrative borders of the province of Raqqa, along the way, pushing the militants in the South.

In turn, the formation of SDF/YPG continues to advance toward the Euphrates to the East of Raqqa. The city itself is actively not touched – the main effort concentrated on the capture of key towns, roads and bridges on the Euphrates, that is guaranteed to cut through the logistics of militants between Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor.

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The military situation in Syria.14.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad

The rapid advance of Kurdish light infantry and the support of the American aircraft easily broke through the veil of “black” to the North-East of Raqqa, and attempts to counter them by throwing in the reserves do not give the desired results. The Kurds suffered losses, but kept the occupied territories, which creates prerequisites for further “crimping” of Raqqa to the East.

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Briefly on Syria. 14.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad

If we talk in General about SAA, Assad retains the strategic initiative in the war and has the ability to vary the direction of impact. The truce as expected turned out to be partial and the war goes on.

The talks in Astana and is expected to start on January 23, and the statement of the foreign Ministry of Turkey agreed with Lavrov’s invitation to these talks of representatives of Trump, in order for the first time after Trump takes office, the United States will take part in the discussion on the current situation in the Syrian war. Apparently there is and will be the first consultations between Russia and the United States on the subject of clarification of relations in Syria. Immediate and decisive progress is unlikely, it’ll probably be probing of positions.

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The military situation in Syria. 09.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad

In General, the parties expected the talks in Astana on January 23 and subsequent negotiations between Russia and USA that somehow will clarify many important points for understanding the future course of the winter-spring campaign of 2017. Prerequisites to a complete end of hostilities of course not – it is about changing foreign policy situation around Syria and the definition of the list of hot fronts, where fighting will continue and which will be created by military means the conditions for the subsequent peace talks.This negotiation step is necessary to consolidate a new military-political reality established after the defeat of the “green” in the battle for Aleppo.

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Tell Kurdi Liberated | Colonel Cassad

In the South-East of Aleppo, rebels predictable bogged down in positional battles in residential areas Western areas of the city. A small advance in the assumption of the district of al-Zahra and to the North of the Academy al-Assad is not the unblocking of Aleppo. Keeping the current trend in a few days, the militants have run out of steam, after which they will be methodically ground into dust with artillery and aircraft.

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