Inside the Secret, Strange Origins of Steve Bannon’s Nationalist Fantasia | Vanity Fair

Bannon’s reading eventually led him to the work of René Guénon, an early-20th-​­century French occultist and metaphysician who was raised a Roman Catholic, practiced Freemasonry, and later became a Sufi Muslim who observed the Sharia. There are many forms of traditionalism in religion and philosophy. Guénon developed a philosophy often called “Traditionalism” (capital “T”), a form of anti-modernism with precise connotations.

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Guenon and Marx: the unity of opposites

At first glance, Marx, and Guenon are dominated by a certain linearity in the views on development. The first prevails in the ascending line, the second – descending. Marx sees history as the sequential ascent through different formations, the highest – Communist. Guénon insists that there is a “caste degradation, and humanity itself is heading inexorably towards its end, which is the end of a cosmic cycle.

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Natella Speranskaya on Rene Guenon

The Metaphysical protest that led Guenon to opposition with the modern Western civilization, and Evola – to open rebellion against the foundations of the modern world, necessarily implies a willingness to stake one’s own life. The principles to which they remained loyal, were not temporal categories, not hastily proclaimed slogans, and pillars of their worldview and guiding principles of their existence.

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