Dugin’s Guideline – Pathogenic – Russian society

How should the fact that 100 years ago, a group of fanatics with very dubious maniacal totalitarian ideology seized power in the Russian Orthodox Empire? How the Bolsheviks were able to carry out large-scale genocide of the Russian people, cut at the root of the aristocracy, to destroy the Church, to send intellectual elite philosophical boat, to destroy the peasantry, to drive people over the barbed wire? How was this possible? As we made? Who is to blame? And what to do about it?

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Dugin’s Guideline – The revolution of 1917

Many talk about the need for reconciliation of white and red. I’m sorry, but this question is completely irrelevant and far-fetched. No red, especially whites, today, no. There is a gray, generally have little understanding of ideology and the creative class – mostly blue or rainbow colors. A red and white no. There is only sluggish them simulacra. So this topic in this expression it is better to postpone. To reconcile, it is necessary to have both. And since they are not – maybe by the way, and well, there is – and there is nothing to invent. But to understand the meaning of what happened in 1917 is necessary.Seriously and without hysteria.

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