The hunt for the “Leopards” | Colonel Cassad

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (prohibited in Russia) has extended footage of the three attacks against the Turkish Leopard 2A4 tanks for the past two days near the Syrian town of al-Bab. The first was shot down on 12 December 2016 from ATGM TOW-2. At the same time Turkey has officially recognized the loss of the tank and injuring all four crew members. Two Leopard 2A4, standing in the same position, was shot down West of al-Bab on 13 December 2016, both rockets were fired allegedly from ATGM “Competition”. From the first Bang of the ATGM were badly damaged, but not burned. The second was destroyed. Official information from the Turkish side about the casualties has not yet been received.

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Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander “The Americans stand on our side” | MOA

To whom did the U.S. hand those missiles before they were brought to you? Were those missiles first given to the Free Syrian Army by the U.S. and from there to you?

No, the missiles were give directly to us. They were delivered to a certain group. When the “road” was closed and we were besieged we had officers here from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States.

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T-90 vs. TOW. The second series | Colonel Cassad

The Tank was struck about 2.5 kilometers away from Khan-Mist, which recently the militants recaptured from the SAA.

To assess the consequences for the machine, of course it would be nice to see pictures up close as it was with the previous case with T-90 (where damage was insignificant), or with the Turkish M-60. The key question was whether or pierced body all limited to external damage.

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Main threats to Russia’s T-90 in Syria | Viktor Murakhovsky

What is actually seen on the online video of the T-90 being hit? We see a 1992 T-90 tank with a cast tower. Its production year is apparent because it has the Shtora opto-electronic suppression system (projectors visible on both sides of the cannon) and by the shape of the gunner’s hatch. The tank is equipped with the Contact-5 dynamic defence system and is covered with composite armour protection with reflecting plates. We see that as the left “jaw” was hit by the TOW-2A missile the dynamic defence was activated and it appears that the main armour was not penetrated.

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T-90 proves its survivability in Syria | VIDEO

A video surfaced in the internet of a missile attack on a T-90 tank on Syria’s territory. The tank survived a hit by a US-made anti-tank missile. According to the specialists, the incident suggests the T-90s advantages over Western tanks.

The video shows the moment in which a US-made TOW ATGM strikes the T-90. The incident took place west of Aleppo, in rural areas where the SAA has been actively fighting against the Islamic State. The missile was fired by some “Desert Hawk brigade which apparently is part of the “moderate opposition” or, more specifically, to the Free Syrian Army.

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