The world of modernity is a dead world. But it still is death. So it has died, but not until the end. Once there is something to die for. Something in him has not died, negatives and mediocrities, once this environment is tearing… Environment of modernity has its own dynamics something in her agony, close to death, but still enlivened by sporadic bursts last quanta of life. These remnants of life for a New time more and more compressed.

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The radical Subject and the metaphysics of pain | Alexander Dugin

The only difference is the Radical Subject is not selected. To him no one comes. There is no fact of initiation. No figures angel of Initiator. There is only an eerie bestowal with nothing. The bestowal of pure pain that allows us to understand the structure of the initiatory act, but only from the even more profound mystery and ineffable structures that are not associated at all with any phenomenology, including even the phenomenology of initiation.

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