Fallujah Liberated | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday officially ended the battle for Fallujah. It was presented that “DAESH will be able to stay there at least until the end of the month”, but the numerical and technical superiority affected the acceleration of the process and Fallujah came under the full control of the Iraqi army. The Caliphate lost almost the whole garrison surrounded the city – about 2000-2500 people. The Iraqis according to the Caliphate lost about 1,800 people. Also according to various estimates, during the fighting killed between 700 and 1300 civilians, and tens of thousands were left homeless. Overall, for Iraq and for Americans, it is obvious success, which partly compensates the failure of recent plans related to the attack on Mosul.

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ISIS fighting back in northern Fallujah

Iraqi forces have control of around fifty percent of Fallujah and fighting is ongoing in the northern part of the town, according to a Rudaw reporter.

The Iraqi army is locked in fierce battles with Islamic State militants in the northern part of the city, said Rudaw’s correspondent at the scene, Bahman Hassan. About half of the city, the southern side, has been reclaimed from the group but the northern half is still held by ISIS, he estimated.

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The storming of Fallujah – a Month later | Colonel Cassad

After almost a month after the start of the storming of Fallujah (operation began on 22 may this year), the advanced units of the Iraqi army and security forces broke through to the main administrative building of Fallujah and hoisted the Iraqi flag. Some media in the heat of battle even managed to announce it was the capture of Fallujah, when in fact, most of the city is still under the control of the Caliphate, which is not going to stop its resistance.

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