In the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, there was a press conference of Alexander Dugin, Leonid Savin and Alexei Belyaev-Gintovt, dedicated to the opening of the office of the International Eurasian Movement in Serbia. Representatives of local mass media and the public gathered in the hall of the “Moscow” hotel. News Front broadcasted live from the scene.

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Russia vs. EU and USA: Eurasian viewpoint

Lecture of Leonid Savin in the Institute of Caucasian Studies of Tehran University.

May 21, 2017 was held lecture of chief editor of Leonid Savin in the Institute of Caucasian Studies of Tehran University (Islamic Republic of Iran).

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Iran after the elections | Leonid Savin

It is obvious that as the influence of Western liberals increases, attempts will be made in Iran to reduce cooperation with Russia in all directions. But not only with Russia, but also with regard to the anti-Western strategy of Tehran as a whole, since to obtain certain promises from the West, Iran will have to give up geopolitical ambitions in the region.

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Dugin in Iraq

The leader of the “Eurasian Movement” Professor Alexander Dugin delivered a lecture on the Fourth Political Theory, as well as the ideology of Eurasianism in the context of contemporary international relations and the realities of the Greater Middle East.

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Two strategies against Yemen | Leonid Savin

The recent visit of Pentagon chief Jim Mattis to Saudi Arabia to meet with the King’s beloved son, the last Prince and the Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman was connected with the discussion of the Yemeni conflict, which indicates the development of a strategy in Trump’s administration. During the meeting the supply of high-precision weapons from the US was also discussed, the issue was already raised in the US Congress.

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USA and the syndrome of great-power autism | Leonid Savin

Of course, Trump’s critics in the United States, who have been no less numerous since last year’s election campaign, are overly focused on the new president’s personality, while the problem of America’s international behavior is much deeper. Great-power autism in American foreign policy is supported by the preaching of the United States exclusivity, the missionary complex of spreading this democracy around the world, the quasi-religious doctrine of “predetermined destiny” (Manifest Destiny) , the ideology of atlantism and many others.

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