Alexander Dugin’s interview with Alex Jones | VIDEO & Transcript

The swamp appears to be a kind of war. It is a new political form which is the same as the globalist system. It tries to destroy every country. The swamp is absolutely anti-democratic.

And now the swamp has found the word to attack us traditionalists. They call us populists. Now they understand that they can’t use the terms “fascist” or “communist” because it is ridiculous. And they are standing against populism.

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The Crisis of the Truther World | AKIRA

Whether the truthers will go out with a bang or a bed wetting is the great question of the conspiracy subculture. J.R. Bob Dobbs’s famous line: “The joke is on you, pink boy” is a poetic image of the “alternative media” in the Trump era. Still too dumb to quite understand what was done to them, they are just beginning to fathom that a world-class grifter just waltzed in and stole their entire snake oil market right out from under them. Now we have UFO president, no one needs the retarded subculture anymore.

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