Alexander Dugin’s interview with Alex Jones | VIDEO & Transcript

The swamp appears to be a kind of war. It is a new political form which is the same as the globalist system. It tries to destroy every country. The swamp is absolutely anti-democratic.

And now the swamp has found the word to attack us traditionalists. They call us populists. Now they understand that they can’t use the terms “fascist” or “communist” because it is ridiculous. And they are standing against populism.

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The Crisis of the Truther World | AKIRA

The existence of Branko Malic implies a civilization where opposition politics has become consumerism, which necessarily deviates to a point where completely delusional nonsense replaces critical political discourse entirely. This process is pushed forward by deviant subcultures in which rebellion is equated with believing in retarded bullshit, usually a quite deliberate stoner endeavor to understand the politics as a Saturday Morning Cartoon – this being the typical limit of socialization.

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