Negotiations with Turkey and Germany | Colonel Cassad

From the point of view of strategic goals in the Cold war with the USA, negotiations with Erdogan and Merkel are of secondary importance, as neither erdoğan nor Merkel are unable at this stage to help resolve the fundamental disagreements between Washington and Moscow. So expect real negotiations with the United States, where it will be the final clarification of the relations, after which it will become clear what direction the conflict will develop.

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Alexander Dugin: Have we lost half our conscience?

I’m forbidden to appear on some channels, on some programs. I’m doing it a little now. But here, due to the fact that I refuse to glorify this ingeniously clever plan, it is ugliness, to praise it as the great wisdom of all times and peoples. Ugliness is ugliness! And, criminal, bloody, dishonest ugliness. When I say this, they tell me that I rock the boat. And I speak the truth and do not swing anything. I am a supporter of Putin, Russia, and it’s hard to suspect me otherwise. But when they show the horse and say “this is a cat”, I still say – no, this is not a cat. With all the wild love for Putin – no.

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Aleksandr Dugin: Inside the Kremlin’s ideology |

How close are you with Putin?

“It’s hard to say, I am not so close to the President as some think, but many ideas that I expressed in philosophy, politics, have influenced many including Putin. It should not be exaggerated, although it is true that there was a genuine influence on my ideas to the President. Ideas have one of their own destiny and can influence policy logic and history. Ideas are living entities and can find many ways to reach people. The problem with the West is precisely this, is that no longer believes in the idea, that in the West is no longer recognized. “

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Russia – Iran: towards a United Eurasia | Vasily Semenov

Russian-Iranian relations go beyond the bilateral. So, in the military sphere is planned in the triangle Ankara – Moscow – Tehran. Though not without some rough edges, but they can be easily eliminated in the mutual interest of the parties. Under consideration the project of North – South, that is, the establishment of the main trade routes from India and other countries around the Indian ocean through Iran to Russia and further to Europe.

The fact that Russia and Iran have never been allies, and now on the way to it, shows the addition and strengthening of the Eurasian unity. Iran is also sincerely committed, wanting to take their place in organizations such as the SCO, BRICS, etc.

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Russian must save Europe from the liberal elite | ALEXANDER DUGIN

I am a follower of Rene Guenon (René Guenon), who recognized the crisis of Western societies far before the 21st century. Spiritual degradation of Europe began with the modern age, with the loss of Christian identity and culminated in the 90-ies, when all the institutions of the transformed right-wing liberalism in the economy, and left liberalism in the culture. Approval of gay marriage has given me to understand where Europe is. It will soon reach its final point, and then it will chaos, civil war, destruction. Probably too late to change anything in this situation.

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Democrats & Republicans trade places in views of Russia | pewresearch

About four-in-ten (38%) Democrats and Democratic leaners now consider Russia an adversary, while about as many (42%) call it a serious problem, and just 17% say it is not a problem. By contrast, only 20% of Republicans and Republican leaners call Russia an adversary, while 45% say it is a serious problem, but not an adversary. Nearly a third of Republicans (32%) say that Russia is not a problem.

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