Mosul Campaign Day Fourteen, Oct 30, 2016 | Joel Wing

The joint Iraqi forces were pushing in on Mosul from all sides on October 30. The Hashd who are now moving from the south towards Tal Afar west of Mosul made some more conspiratorial accusations against the U.S., while threatening to go to Syria after Mosul was liberated.

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Joint Statement of Kurdish & Allied Parties in Syria on Turkish Invasion

We, the strong believers of democracy who are keen on protecting the security and integrity of the Syrian territory, strongly condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory. We urge the international community to pressure the Turkish regime to stop its interference in the internal affairs of Syria, calling for the immediate withdrawal of its troops from Syria. We also call upon national democratic forces to take the initiative to prevent chauvinist forces from breaking our strong national unity.

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Political and military factions in Kurdistan | MAP

Kurdistan is divided between 4 countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. It has been the scene of several regional conflicts over the past 25 years. This has led to a complex political and military situation in each country where several political parties are defending Kurdish people rights, and are controlling their own military groups. The conflicts are also widely influenced by the two main regional powers, Turkey and Iran, which all have their client factions. The article and the map are not an exhaustive list of all groups involved, but aim at explaining who are the main Kurdish actors in each country and what their relationship is

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